Catalogue: Correspondence – Legal, Political, Financial, Personal, Leisure, Mixed Bundles and Miscellaneous.

Here is the rest of the correspondence section of the catalogue.

e) Legal inc. documents relating to W.J. Parry.
PFA/8/126 19 November 1823 Letter from J.H. Markland, Temple, relating to enclosures and the crown.

PFA/8/127 1862-1901
Bound book of correspondence received by H. Barber (solicitor) from Lord Boston, Lord Penrhyn, Hon G.S. Pennant etc. Vol 1, 1862-73. Note in the hand of George Sholto Douglas Pennant can be found inside the cover leaf listing letters of interest and in the back leaf is a printed copy of ‘The Penrhyn Lock Out’ the 1st appeal by the Relief Committee in 1901 with ‘Libel’ written on it, and an envelope containing draft agreement of quarry wages 1885. Book of correspondence bound and donated to Lord Penrhyn following the death of H. Barber in 1894.

PFA/8/128 May 1869 Correspondence from Mr Swan, and Mr Barber, Lord Penrhyn’s solicitor, relating to non-payment of expenses to Mr Swan for notes taken at the ‘Betws y Coed investigation’. Barber details payments agreed, payments made and the circumstances. [During the listing process this letter was discovered sealed in an envelope which was opened by the cataloguer in August 2012].

PFA/8/129 1874-86 Bound book of correspondence received by H. Barber (Solicitor) from Lord Penrhyn, Hon G.S.D. Pennant and Lady Penrhyn Vol 2. 1874-86 Book of correspondence bound and donated to Lord Penrhyn following the death of H. Barber in 1894.

PFA/8/130 c.1877 Letter from Lord Newborough regarding legal dealings with Liverpool Mercury.

PFA/8/131 1 & 5 May 1891
Letters from Lewis & Lewis regarding case of Penrhyn vs Gale.

PFA/8/132 15 Feb 1892
Letter from Sir Llewelyn Turner, Parkia, Caernarfon giving extract from the Caernarfon herald of 4 November 1892 re W.J. Parry’s common lands enquiry.

PFA/8/133 1894-1905
Box file of correspondence from Vincent (solicitor). Also contains letters from others relating to legal matters. Letters relate to quarry and estate matters, and some also have printed newspaper articles attached. Quite a few documents relate to the libel case against W.J. Parry. Also contains documents relating to Capel Curig railway, petition against the North `Wales Electric Power Bill’ by Lord Penrhyn, and the electroral manifesto/pamphlet of Hugh Corbett Vincent.

PFA/8/134 10 November 1896
Letter from H. Lloyd Carter regarding possible partnership with Mr Mostyn Roberts. Refers to Lord Penrhyn’s invariable kindness to himself ‘in sickness and in health’.

PFA/8/135 19 November 1896
Letter of Acknowledgement from Lord Penrhyn to Lloyd Carter

PFA/8/136 4 August 1896 Letter from H. Lloyd Carter (solicitor) regarding W.J. Parry. Letter indicates that the firm would like to sue Parry (written four years before they did on behalf of Penrhyn).

PFA/8/137 16 & 18 February 1897 Correspondence between Hugh Vincent and Lord Penrhyn regarding the formers connections with the Pantdreiniog Quarry and Cefnfaes estate (and consequently W.J. Parry) Also contains letter from K. Chapreic? Of Eichorn Austria on the envelope of which Lord Penrhyn has written W.J. Parry application for appointment. Vincent confirms that the firm (including all partners) have completely severed their connections with both quarry and estate, and that Douglas-Jones has sold his shares in the quarry. Lord Penrhyn replied that he did not feel he could ask the firm to do so, but he is glad they have.

PFA/8/138 8 July 1897 Letter from J.E. Vincent giving advice to Lord Penrhyn on handling the Chief Constable, calling in the militia, and a pamphlet that is to be published and W.J. Parry. Suggests caution in relation to W.J. Parry and says “we can break W.J. Parry afterwards”.

PFA/8/139 17 August c.1900 Letter from P.A. Lloyd to Lord Penrhyn relating to a request by W.J. Parry to use correspondence between himself and Lloyd.

PFA/8/140 6 7 12 August 1901 Two letters from Hugh Vincent (solicitor) to Lord Penrhyn relating to the publications of W.J. Parry’s second appeal in the Daily News. Vincent advises Lord Penrhyn against writing to the Daily News with the threat of action
“I should personally not advise proceedings being taken. I am afraid your Lordship will think I am always advising you against fighting, but the fact is I am anxious to keep you out of litigation unless some really useful purpose can be served by it & we are also reasonably certain of success.”

PFA/8/141 15 November 1902
Letter from R. Williams 22 Dinorwic Street Caernarfon relating to evidence against W.J. Parry. Letter also alludes to the necessity of using the press (both Welsh and English) to ‘enlighten those who are deluded’. Also contains paragraph to be circulated amongst the English papers.

PFA/8/142 Jan 1903
Correspondence between Fred Milner of Hamsell Manor, Eridge Sussex and Lord Penrhyn, where Milner pledges support for Lord Penrhyn in the upcoming libel action and discusses the recent visit of the Bethesda choir to his constituency. Letters contain some interesting insights of Lord Penrhyn’s emotions in relation to the strike, and contain some interesting comments about his “chief flanderer” (W.J.Parry) and the Bethesda Choir ”I am very glad to say that the Bethesda gents had a very sparse audience in my constituency, & I doubt if they covered their expenses.”. Mentions the idea that Lord Penrhyn should issue some form of printed statement to be sent to the local papers wherever the choir will be performing so that his side of the story can be made known. Lord Penrhyn asserts that “The people who are going about in choirs from Bethesda under the auspices of the Committee of the relief fund at that place are spreading no end of lies about me & about the origin of the strikes, they are in fact obtaining money from the British public under false pretences and I often wish some one would pull them up for it as it would have a most salutary effect.”

PFA/8/143 25 June and 17 July 1903
Two letters from Hugh Vincent regarding the taxation of W.J. Parry following victory in the libel case.

PFA/8/144 2 November 1903 and 15 March 1904
Two letters from the former landlady of the Union Hotel Garth, who claims to have been drugged by doctors under a charge of lunacy and her possessions taken from her by W J Parry. Written on the envelope is ask H Vincent and Lunatic.

f) Political
PFA/8/145 24 -26 October 1868
Envelope containing correspondence between Lord Penrhyn and W. Bulkley Hughes of Plas Coch, Anglesey relating to negative comments made by Bulckley Hughes in relation to Lady Penrhyn’s role in the election campaign, which were reported in the Caernarfon and Denbigh Herald.

PFA/8/146 1874 Box file of correspondence relating to the election of 1874.
Correspondence mainly letters of support for George Sholto Douglas Pennant.

PFA/8/147 1877-1880 Box file of correspondence sent to George Sholto Douglas Pennant, mainly relating to the election of 1880.
Box file includes letters of support, letters from the opposition (including Lord Newborough and his campaign for Sir Charles Watkin Williams and a letter from Love Jones Parry stating he will not oppose Pennant) letters of consolation following defeat and letters about constituency matters/the Conservative Party.
Box file also includes
a) 3 June 1880 Request for help in purchasing a new instrument from a member of the Llanrug Brass band after his was destroyed by stone throwers while playing for Lord Penrhyn in Ebenezer (Deiniolen).
b) Nov 1877 Bundle of letters relating to Lord Newborough

PFA/8/148 16 April 1880
Letters to Arthur Wyatt from his father J Wyatt regarding the defeat of George Sholto Douglas Pennant in the election of 1880.

PFA/8/149 4 February 1903
Minutes of a meeting of the North Wales Property Defence Association held 4 February 1903
PFA/8/150 March 1906
Correspondence between Lord Penrhyn and Kenyon (4th Baron Kenyon) regarding both Unionist and Conservative parties in the elections of 1906. Letters discuss the resolutions of the Unionist Party as well as how to appoint candidates for the election. Lord Penrhyn suggests that with the lowering of the franchise, candidates should be found from amongst the working class “Although I heartily detest the prospect of parliament being filled with men who are the paid servants of their trades unions & taskmasters”

PFA/8/151 12 January 1907 Letter from Miss Owen, Birnbeck House, Weston Super Mare regarding property defence.

g) Financial
PFA/8/152 October 1885
Letters from E.A. Young regarding payments made into Lady Penrhyn’s account, from the sale of shares in the investment account. Total paid in comes to £18,000

PFA/8/153 1896-1906 Box file of correspondence from H.A. Hore

PFA/8/154 October/November 1902
Envelope containing correspondence between Lord Penrhyn and Barclays Bank regarding his overdraft. At the times of writing, Lord Penrhyn’s overdrafts stood at £19.444..17/- and £20.515..11.10 and he writes “ thanks for the consideration shown by your firm in not troubling me concerning my overdraft which I know must be very heavy (?), but I hope the coming year will see the quarry trouble at an end and all things put straight.”


h) Personal/family correspondence
PFA/8/155 c.1868-9 Two letters from Katie (Kathleen) & Alice Douglas-Pennant to their mother.

PFA/8/156 1872
Bundle of correspondence relating to the financial affairs of Lady Caroline Lane-Fox (nee Douglas) sister of Edward Gordon Douglas-Pennant.

PFA/8/157 1878-1907 Box file of family correspondence.
PFA/8/158 April 1886 Box file of letters and telegrams of condolence received by George Sholto Douglas Pennant on the death of his father
PFA/8/159 1900
Large bundle of correspondence relating to the financial affairs of Lady Caroline Hogg, widowed wife of Sir James Hogg, 1st Baron Magheramorne and sister to George Sholto Douglas-Pennant. Lady Hogg seems to have lost £16,000 due to a poor investment on the stock exchange and the bundle of documents contains requests for help from various sources, strategies for keeping her out of bankruptcy etc.

PFA/8/160 1891-1895
Bundle of documents to, from and relating to the Queen of Romania (some in French).

PFA/8/161 1903-1906
Large bundle of documents relating to the Misses Ogilby, Edith and Isabell. Includes correspondence relating to their health, welfare and temperance (or lack of) vouchers for their expenditure, vouchers for their care, and correspondence from them direct.

PFA/8/162 1869-ND
Letters to George Sholto Douglas Pennant from his children
Includes letters from Katie (Kathleen), Teddy (Edward) Alice and Georgie (Pamela Georgina?) and George, mostly sent from Ashford Court near Ludlow. One letter from Katie contains the lines “how very nasty the people must be to live with pigs, cows, horses, cats, dogs etc in their room. I suppose there is no stable or shed for them. It must look like a sort of Zoological Garden. Are you very glad that peace is signed?”

PFA/8/163 N.D. Letter from Henry Douglas-Pennant from Eaton relating to quote from Ovid.

i) Leisure inc. horse racing, hunting etc.
PFA/8/164 1855 – 21 Jan 1907
Envelope containing list of horses, shooting cards and lists of disposal of game including:
1855 – List of horses
Shooting cards – Penrhyn Estate ‘Brynmawr 8th 1906. Glan Conwy Shooting 21 Jan 1907. List of dispersal of game (no date). List of dispersal of game to tenants with attached letter of 13 Jan 1907 saying that most of the tenants were grateful for their presents.

PFA/8/165 28 September 1890 Letter from ED Clayton regarding race horses.

PFA/8/166 September 1890 Correspondence from E Clayton with accompanying press clippings about the attack on the horse ‘Noble Cheiftan’ and its rider/trainer/manager at Doncaster races. One letter is particularly emotive, and another discusses the account with the press clippings agency.

PFA/8/166a 1890-1891
Other documents contained in the envelope include:
Printed copy of a speech made by Lord Panrhyn to the Jockey Club regarding his libel case against The Globe and The Licensed Victuallers Mirror

PFA/8/167 30 April 1891 Letter from ‘E.C’ (E. Clayton) regarding horse racing & Lord Penrhyn’s libel action accompanied by a newspaper cutting on the matter. Letter refers to discussions within the Jockey Club, and opinion on the current state of horse racing while newspaper article details the libel action.

PFA/8/168 24 Sept 1898
Letter from E.C.Clayton relating to the naming of a horse, a foal by Quasitum.

PFA/8/169 4 June 1899 Draft of a letter from Lord Penrhyn to E.C. Clayton regarding the role and authority of the starter and the use of starting machines.

PFA/8/170 26 January 1903
Letter from E.C.C. (Clayton) regarding the health of one of Lord Penrhyn’s colts held at Exton. Letter mentions Lord Penrhyn’s ill health and the forthcoming W.J. Parry libel case.

PFA/8/171 September 1903
Letter from Edward Sholto Douglas Pennant to his father regarding race horses with a letter from E.W. Baird enclosed

PFA/8/172 September 1906 Envelope of correspondence relating to the sale of a horse (Exning) to Baird and the testimonials of Mr Gale, sports writer.

PFA/8/173 October 1906 Correspondence between Lord Penrhyn and E.W.Baird regarding the sale of the horse ‘Haresfield’. Letters discuss the bad feeling that has arisen from the sale, particularly relating to the horse’s engagements. Bundle also contains letter referring to the fact that the ‘Smiths’ have taking their horses away from the trainer ‘Day’ because Lord Penrhyn moved some horses to that yard.

PFA/8/174 2 January 1907 Letter to Lord Penrhyn from his son (Edward Sholto?) regarding race horses. Letter details the pedigrees of the horses ‘La Petite Dame’ and ‘Veles’.

PFA/8/175 c.1890
Small bundle of correspondence from E. Clayton regarding race conditions/betting/horses etc.

j) Mixed bundles
PFA/8/176 c.1650 – 1830
Box file of ‘Old Letters’., includes:
c) 1830 Letters from Thomas Hopper.
d) March-May 1785 Letters from William Pitt relating to duties on products from the West Indies.
e) 1812-1814 Letters from Lady Penrhyn to George Hay Dawkins, mainly discussing estate/financial matters but also giving some insight into their lives and personalities.
f) 1816-1819 Letters from the Leycesters and excecutors of Lady Penrhyn’s will relating to organ at St Anns, enclosure of Hundred of Uchaf, discussions about the property 14 Grosvenor Square and relating to debates between Dawkins-Pennant and the excecutors.
g) C 1650-80 Letter from Robert Williams relating to the right to appoint curates to Llandygai.

PFA/8/177 1774-1904
Bundle of correspondence relating to estate matters (the Capel Curig road, coaches and tenants in particular) and the slate trade/quarry.
a) 23 September 1904 Letter from Mr T.H. Owen regarding an appointment as agent to Dinorwic Quarry on which Lord Penrhyn has written “pleasing himself”.
b) 1805-1807 Correspondence from Samuel Worthington relating to slate carriage and the trade.
c) 1804-1805 Small bundle of correspondence from Benjamin Wyatt relating to estate/quarry/financial matters including tenants, Capel Curig Road, Mrs Dale and said road and her complaints against Joseph Griffiths Capel Curig, Coach companies, wages at the quarry, bankers drafts etc
d) March 1805 Monthly bill from Parry for employees in gardens/farm
e) 9 April 1805 Letter to Benjamin Wyatt from Richard Thornton regarding timber.
f) 1774 Account for valuing timber on the Penrhyn estate.
g) 1805 Two letter from Mrs Dale regarding her complaint against Joseph Griffith, Capel Curig and coaches on the Capel Curig road.

PFA/8/178 1777-1818
Bundle of correspondence relating to estate matters, including purchases, deeds, mortgages, requests from tenants, subscriptions, valuations and the Beddgelert road. Includes letters from Mr Roberts, Bangor, Samuel Worthington, Benjamin Wyatt among others.

PFA/8/179 1793-1859 Bundle of personal/estate correspondence. Includes some correspondence relating to the Jamaica estate. Also includes copy of a letter (14 November 1859) on behalf of Queen Victoria sent to accompany a cup to be presented to the choir who sang for them at Penrhyn Castle during their visit “testifying the approval with which Her Majesty and His Royal Highness regard the cultivation by all under your employment of so laudable and humanizing a taste, and of their wish that all should unite in encouraging a mode of employing their leisure hours so likely to prove beneficial to their social and moral condition.”
PFA/8/180 1794-1815
Box file of correspondence. relating to estate matters, shipping and slate sales, as well as one letter concerned with a dispute with a Mr Hales. Includes letters from, Mr B. Chipney, Mr John Wyatt, Mr Arthur Wyatt, Austen & Co and Mr James Wyatt.

PFA/8/181 1843-1858
Box file of correspondence from James Wyatt. Details development of the estate & quarries, purchase of land (including Penmachno estate from Lord Mostyn), slate prices and the market, the use of horses at the quarry, mentions visit of the King of Saxony to the quarry (but not the castle) in 1844 and Includes Plan for re-modeling the Penrhyn estate farms 1843. Details possible purchase of the Bodegroes estate 1857.

PFA/8/182 1845-1883
Box file of various personal correspondence relating to estate matters, county duties, ‘Y Dywysogaeth’ paper, army commissions and militia and leisure pursuits. Includes letters from Sir R. Bulkley, Hon. W. O. Stanley, Lord Newborough and Mr Gladstone etc.

PFA/8/183 1851-1883
Box file of correspondence to and from Edward Gordon Douglas-Pennant, 1st Lord Penrhyn. Letters mainly concerened with estate/quarry matters. Includes correspondence with W.E. Gladstone relating to an accusation of intimidation at the quarry/quarry wages, correspondence about land for chapels, various parishes, and weirs on the estate.

PFA/8/184 1861-78
Small bundle of correspondence relating to County matters
Correspondence organised by category, with envelopes marked:
1868 Proposed Royal Visit to Carnarvon (sic)
Afgan War & Radical memorial from Four Crosses, 1875 Telegraph Station – Abersoch 1861 Holyhead Road Trust.

PFA/8/185 c. 1862-1903
Box file of documents relating to Sir Llewelyn Turner of Parkia, Caernarfon including letters, speeches and press clippings, mainly concerned with issues relating to the Welsh language and home rule for Wales.

PFA/8/186 1864-1903 Box file of correspondence from Mr Kneeshaw, Mr Naylor, Col Platt, Mr Platt Star. Correspondence relates to the Police Committee, the politics of Mr Naylor, correspondence regarding the Caernarfon militia, speech on the Trade Unions and the Jockey Club.

PFA/8/187 1876-1904 Box file of correspondence from Mr Livesey, Sir William Lewis, Mr & Mrs Asheton Smith, Hon F.G. Wynn, Hon W.W. Vivian. Also contains printed pamphlet Trade Unions Their claims and their methods , Press clipping of letter from Mr Livesey The Times 30 December 1901. Letters discuss the estate, the quarries and their management, trade unionism etc.

PFA/8/188 1878-1902
Large bundle of applications. Includes applications for various roles including estate and quarry positions, inspector of taxes, chief constable, appointments to the Board of Agriculture etc.

PFA/8/189 1882-1903
Box file of miscellaneous personal correspondence.
Includes letters from Lord Salisbury, the Duke of Richmond and his sister Caroline Gordon Lennox, Sir Harry Keppel, Charles Wigley Wicksted of Shakenhurst, Lord Londonderry, Lord Stanley, Hen Rev Jacob Marshon, Lord Cawdor and ‘Sam’ writing from Camp Suakin during the Sudan/Egypt wars 1885.

PFA/8/190 c. 1883-1906
Box file of correspondence from Mr Hughes of Kinmel Park, Abergele. Documents discuss property defence, Lord Rosebury, Game, Strike, Archbishop Williams, Welsh names, election fund, Bodelwyddan ball, honours list among other topics. Also includes documents relating to the Order of the Bards of Glan Geirionydd

PFA/8/191 c. 1886-1903
Box file of correspondence from Rev D.O.Davies, Col Wynn-Finch of Voelas Mr A. Priestley and W.A. Darbishire. Correspondence on diverse topics including missionary work, rent abatement, county council meetings, Police Joint Committe, the Penrhyn strike, politics, W.J. Pary, the 5th Marquess of Anglesey and includes correspondence between Lord Penrhyn and W.A. Darbishire written in verse.

PFA/8/192 1892-1902
Book containing miscellaneous personal correspondence. Includes letters from Cornelia Wimbiorne, J Capellini, Earl of Denbigh, and other various letters including a letter of thanks for hospitality shown towards the sons of the King of Siam on their visit to North Wales, and a letter requesting that a child from the local workhouse be sent to a farm.

PFA/8/193 1892-1905 Box file of correspondence from and relating to J.E. Vincent (brother of the solicitor Hugh Vincent.) Much of the correspondence relates to the proposition that Vincent write a ‘Strike Book’ telling the story of the strike from Lord Penrhyn’s side. File contains first 182 pages of draft of the book.
Correspondence also relates to a publication J.E. Vincent proposed on the trade unionism and the labour Question, put forward by the North Wales Property Defence Association (who state he has written much for them in the past). Includes draft of this publication. Also contains documents relating to Vincent’s application for a County Court Judgeship.

PFA/8/194 1897-1903 Box file of congratulatory correspondence received by Lord and Lady Penrhyn following the libel action against W.J. Parry and the end of the strike. Includes handwritten letters, poems and copies of letters printed in newspapers. Letters come from all walks of life, from workers, servants and trade unionists to trades people, bankers and aristocracy.

PFA/8/195 1901-1903
Bundle of three envelopes containing correspondence from Hugh Vincent, solicitor and one from Henry Kneeshaw concerning policing at Bethesda.
Bundle includes
a) 1903 Letters relating to W J Parry and the libel case, giving accounts of his financial situation, and the pro’s and con’s of taking bankruptcy proceedings against him and another letter relating the state of affairs in the quarry, and that fact that the quarry will not need to employ more than 2000 men once the strike is over.
b) 21 June 1901 Letter relating to the withdrawal of actions against individuals involved in disturbances at Bethesda.
c) N.D. Letter concerning an application for way leave over a portion of the Penrhyn Estate to allow the Moel Faban Quarry to be worked.
d) 26 March 1902 Letter from Henry Kneeshaw relating to a letter from W.J. Parry to the Home Secretary about the actions of Magistrates and Special Joint Committee in reference to policing in Bethesda.

k) Miscellaneous
PFA/8/196 September/October 1854
Bundle of correspondence from and newspaper cuttings relating to The Battle of Alma, Crimean War. Includes correspondence from Thomas Wood and drawings of the order of the march.

PFA/8/197 1888-1905 Envelope of documents relating to ‘Garden Party’ to be held, possibly on the 15th September 1905. Includes lists of names, correspondence and list of guests at the 1888 Garden Party and seating plan for luncheon to celebrate the Prince of Wales’ visit to Bangor University.

PFA/8/198 23 October 1891
Letter from the British Museum to Lady Penrhyn identifying a juniper variety. Identifies juniper sample sent as Juniperus Communis var. Alpina Gaud which was also called Juniperus nana.

PFA/8/199 1894
Two letters to Lady Penrhyn relating to the Royal Visit.

PFA/8/200 1894
Box file of correspondence relating to the Royal Visit of 1894.

PFA/8/201 20 Sept 1900
Letter to Lord Penrhyn from J. Stephens with an enquiry regarding Heraldry. Requires answer as to whether the boars on the Pennant family coat of arms descend from the coat of the Gruffydd family of Anglesey, which may explain the term ‘Moch Mon’. Also suggests that heraldry may be responsible for the terms ‘Geifr Arfon’, ‘Lloi Lleyn’ and ‘Cathod Rhuthyn’.


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