Catalogue; Correspondence relating to slate trade, houshold and charitable chauses (including begging & thank you letters)

b) Slate Trade inc. Penrhyn Quarry, Port Penrhyn, strikes etc.
PFA/8/43 1802-1828
Box file of correspondence and agreements from Samuel Worthington, relating to slate carriage, slate prices, and the slate trade.

PFA/8/44 29 November 1828 Letter suggesting the utilisation of copper rods at the quarry to improve safety.
PFA/8/45 30 May 1834
Letter from James Wyatt to Mr Brindley (London slate merchant) regarding the price of slate. Letter warns that the quarry are unhappy that a London merchant (assumed to be Brindley) is selling slate at a ‘ruinous’ price.

PFA/8/46 18 October 1877
Letter from W.O Armstrong Williams regarding a ‘Private’ Circular and a ‘private Meeting’ held to discuss it. Possibly addressed to E. W. Mathew Esq.

PFA/8/47 1884-1888
Bundle of correspondence, accounts and reports relating to the quarry, mainly concerned with Arthur Wyatt and his subsequent dismissal. Also contains documents relating to price setting amongst Caernarfonshire Quarries. Includes:
a) 1 January 1884 & 1 January 1885 Computation and Valuation of Quarry Stock & cover note in the hand of George Sholto Douglas Pennant regarding stock.
b) 1885-1886 Large bundle of correspondence and reports regarding the investigation into Arthur Wyatt done by Alexander Young, leading to his dismissal. Includes letters from A Young, E.A. Young, George Sholto Douglas Pennant, A. Wyatt and Southwell as well as the final report compiled by A. Young.
c) 4 March 1885 – Letter from Lady Penrhyn regarding A Wyatt.
d) 1886 – Large bundle of correspondence regarding agreements between Caernarvonshire Quarries to set prices, discounts and exports. Correspondence includes letters from Menzies, George Sholto Douglas Pennant and E. A. Young and details the meetings held to arrange prices, deviations made from the agreed prices and confirmation from George Sholto Douglas Pennanat that A. Wyatt should not have attended meetings/set prices on his behalf. Refers to the periods 1882-1886.
e) 1886 – Correspondence from Dunlop regarding an idea to form a syndicate between Penrhyn, Dinorwic an Oakley Quarries with response from Georgo Sholto Douglas Pennant.
f) 16 Oct 1886 – Letter from E.A. Young regarding gift from the quarrymen to Miss K. Pennant on her marriage, accompanied by a list of quarrymen who have donated.
g) 1888 – Two envelopes containing correspondence relating to a ‘slate ring’.
h) 1888 – Correspondence relating to the lease of the writing slate factory.
i) N.D. Two notes in the hand of George Sholto Douglas Pennant: One regarding profits and one relating to ‘cases’.

PFA/8/48 October 1885 Small bundle of correspondence between George Sholto Douglas Pennant and G.W. Cooke, Bryn Hafod y Wern Quarry relating to Arthur Wyatt.

PFA/8/49 1886-1891 Box file of correspondence from E.A. Young.

PFA/8/50 1886-1905 Box file of correspondence from E.A. Young. Letters detail slate sales, the trade in general, quarry pay and includes price lists and accounts. Also includes letters from Mr Dunlop, Mr Assheton Smith, W.W. Vivian, J.J. (?) Evans and J.S. Hughes (engineer).

PFA/8/51 10 & 16 February 1888
Two letters from H. Barber (solicitor). The first in relation to Port Penrhyn and the second giving thanks for a cheque.

PFA/8/52 1895-1899 Box file of correspondence relating to chartered steamer shares

PFA/8/53 4 August 1896
Draft letter to the home office on issues relating to the top of the quarry.

PFA/8/54 August 1896
Envelope containing correspondence relating to Home Office instructions as to the use of fencing/ladders to make the top of the Penrhyn Quarry safer. Contains correspondence from E.A. Young to Mr Digby at the Home Office and hand written notes by Lord Penrhyn objecting to any interference from the magistrates.

PFA/8/55 February 1897
Correspondence from J. E. Vincent and Sir William Lewis, Aberdare relating to the strike and enclosures.

PFA/8/56 1897-1903 Box file of correspondence relating to ships and steamers.

PFA/8/57 1900 Partial draft of a letter to the press concerning the strike at Penrhyn Quarry. Gives detailed, well written account of the events leading up to the strike from Lord Penrhyn’s perspective. Has been edited and corrected by Lord Penrhyn.

PFA/8/58 1901 Box file of correspondence from E.A. Young, refering to strike, police in Bethesda, rioting and intimidation, and quarrymen returning to work.

PFA/8/59 1902-1903 Box file of correspondence from E.A. Young

PFA/8/60 April 1903 Bundle of correspondence relating to the strike. Bundle contains letter from a Mr Gibson, giving his views on the matter, responses to Mr Gibson’s letter from Evan R. Davies solicitor & Hugh Vincent as well as letter from Vincent acknowledging receipt of an instruction from Penrhyn to recover costs from W.J. Parry or make him a bankrupt. One of the letters from Vincent also refers to a statement prepared for parliament.

PFA/8/61 1904-1906 Box file of correspondence from E.A. Young. Includes reports on the quarry, slate trade, applications for work and begging letters with responses from Young/Lord & Lady Penrhyn attached

c) Household inc. chattels, provisions, staff etc.
PFA/8/62 18 Jan 1850
Letter from Lithographic Establishment, Gate Street regarding drawings on stones.

PFA/8/63 10 October 1872
Report of the analysis of water samples taken from Penrhyn Castle provided by the Liverpool Royal Infirmary School of Medicine

PFA/8/64 1889-1903
Small bundle of correspondence relating to Penrhyn Castle management including two envelopes of letters relating to wine and letters giving character for Mr Barnad, who applied for the post of Head Gamekeeper in 1903

PFA/8/65 1890 Letter relating to a trilobite purchased by Lord Penrhyn.

PFA/8/66 24 May 1894 Letter to Lady Penrhyn from J. Williams regarding plans for large and small Dining Rooms. Letter describes a five section dining table, and how it can be adapted; describes chairs in the large dining room and notes that six round tables are to be set up in the small dining room. Letter also mentions sample picture chains and that a sample of the bamboo cane has been sent to Morris.

PFA/8/67 2 March 1896
Letter detailing how to find the various keys required to open the strong room.

PFA/8/68 1897-1902
Two envelopes giving character of applicants for posts working with horses. One envelope is in relation to the application of Charles Coll and the other Julian Chandler.

PFA/8/69 20 February 1899
Letter from Dr Hofstede de Groot (former director of the Print Room at the Rijksmuseum and Rembrandt expert) requesting permission to photograph the Rembrandt for a complete edition of Rembrandts works. Refers to the fact that the Rembrandt is currently on display at Burlington House.

PFA/8/70 25 February 1899
Letter regarding the loan of the Rembrandt to an exhibition at the Royal Academy of Arts.

PFA/8/71 7 March 1899
Letter from Horace Buttery regarding the need to transfer the painting of St Luke and the Virgin.

PFA/8/72 8 March 1899
Letter recommending that the painting of St Luke and the Virgin be transferred. Letter states that its author (signature not deciphered) has been to see Buttery, the painting restorer and both agree on the matter. A man named Morell is recommended as the best transferor in the world. Letter also mentions that Dr Hofstede de Groot, wishes to have the Rembrandt photographed.

PFA/8/73 9 March (?) 1899
Letter from Edward Poynter (Royal Academy of Art) suggesting that the Rembrant be restored while in London. Describes the painting as being in a ‘dangerous’ condition and suggests that Dyer at the academy work on it.

PFA/8/74 11 March 1899
Letter from Buttery (painting restorer) regarding the Rembrandt.

PFA/8/75 14 March 1899
Letter confirming that Buttery will transfer St Luke and the Virgin.

PFA/8/76 6 April 1899
Letter requiring further information about painting of 1st Baron Penrhyn by Romney.

PFA/8/77 14 September 1899 Letter with sales details of 2 gilt console tables with marble tops. Includes accompanying sketch.
PFA/8/78 22 March and 1 May 1900
Correspondence from F. A. Hughes to Lady Penrhyn regarding the ‘Bangor Sketches by W. Pickering’ Two letters, one of which thanks Lady Penrhyn for the loan of the pictures, and one which requests permission to copy some of them. Both letters make reference to Lady Penrhyn receiving news from the front in South Africa.

PFA/8/79 19 Oct 1900
Letter from St John’s College, Cambridge and two sketches of a portrait of John Williams with ‘Picture at Hovingham’ written underneath.

PFA/8/80 5 February 1901 Letter from Durlacher Bros. relating to arrangements for a cabinet maker to repair furniture and list of work carried out.

PFA/8/81 c. 1901-1902
Envelope of correspondence relating to an ormolu candlestick bought from a Mr Tanner, alleged to have connections with Prince Charles Edward Stuart (Bonnie Prince Charlie).

PFA/8/82 August 1902
Letter from Alice Douglas Pennant to Lord Penrhyn regarding a Dieric Bouts painting lent to an exhibition in Bruges. Letter mentions that the critics had decided the painting was most definitely a Dieric Bouts rather than an earlier work, and were very grateful to have it for the exhibition.

PFA/8/83 1 January 1903
Letter from E.C.Clayton containing list of wine belonging to Lord Penrhyn at Stratford House, Newmarket. Letter mention libel case against the Licensed Victuallers Mirror.

PFA/8/84 27 January 1903
Letter from John Sparks of Japanese Fine Art Depot regarding scrum. Remarks that while he has seen many Chinese scrums of a similar nature, he has never seen a finer one. Thinks it probably part of a twelvefold scrum originally.

d) Charitable inc. begging & thank you letters, subscriptions etc.
PFA/8/85 1864-1867 Correspondence from R. Richard, quarryman regarding his emigration to America (and desire to return to Wales).

PFA/8/86 26 August 1868 Letter from Robert Thomas, Bangor and E. Skepton Tanymarian, requesting that Lord Penrhyn changes his mind about his refusal to grant land for a non-conformist chapel in Tregarth.

PFA/8/87 12 january 1872
Two letters relating to the subscriptions for repairs to Banger Cathedral organised by Lady Penrhyn

PFA/8/88 January/February 1872
Bundle of correspondence relating subscriptions collected by Lady Penrhyn for re-flooring Bangor Cathedral

PFA/8/89 1877 Letter of thanks from W.J. Parry on behalf of the Arvon Congregational Association for the lease of a plot of ground to build a chapel at Sling.

PFA/8/90 1879-1904
Envelope containing large amount of begging letters sent to Lord and Lady Penrhyn deemed ‘Undeserving Cases’.

PFA/8/90a 1881-1885
Envelope of correspondence relating to financial difficulties of Mr Wynn Griffith, of Llanfair Hall, Caernarfon. Lord Penrhyn agreed to act as security for a bank loan of £3000 for Wynn Griffith a separate envelope relates to a loan.

PFA/8/91 1881-1900
Envelope of correspondence relating to Yoke House, Pwllheli and the Picton-Jones/Pryce-Picton family. Includes begging letters, and letters of thanks.

PFA/8/92 1885-1903 Envelope containing letters of thanks sent to Lord Penrhyn along with further information/solicitors letters from some of the causes he donated to. Written on the envelope is
Welsh Industries
St Mary’s Schools (Crossed Out)
Duke of Westminsters Memorial
Infirmary (2 Oct)
Arfon Monthly Meeting re Temperance
Borough Hospital. Bangor
Caernarfon Eisteddfod 1894 (Crossed out)
Bangor Cathedral Organ & Choir rest
Caernarvon Cottage Hospital (Crossed out)
Golf Cup

PFA/8/93 c. 1886
Envelope containing large amount of correspondence from Richard Hughes, Bala. Written on the envelope is Begging Richard Hughes lunatic schoolmaster

PFA/8/94 c.1887-1900
Envelope of correspondence relating to the begging requests of Mr Thomas Paull.

PFA/8/95 1887-1902
Envelope containing letters of thanks sent to Lord Penrhyn. Written on the envelope is
Mary Ellis Penffridd. Cous
Mrs Buckland
Mrs Llwyd
Mrs Jones, sister of one armed man
Ann Griffith Penygroes
Owen Parry’s widow
Nellie Ellis
R Pritchard. Gerlan
E. Jones 9 James Street. Braichmelyn
W Jones. Mason. Llangefni
Mrs Birknell 1880

PFA/8/96 1888-1904
Envelope containing letters of thanks sent to Lord & Lady Penrhyn. Written on the envelope is
F Dorrien
L Bayley – Gardener
Mr Andrews – Goodwood
W Gill – Pimlico
Thomas Poulter – late Lampman
Mr Wise – Caernarvon
Miss Rowley
John Scouell 1890
St Paul’s Knightsbridge 1904
Poor Poet 1904
R E Pritchard 1888

PFA/8/97 1888-1906
Envelope of begging letters sent to Lord Penrhyn.
Written on the envelope is
Begging 1888 Mrs Cousens
1903 – Louisa Cousens Oct 10 £20
1904 June 27 – £10

PFA/8/98 1889-1906
Envelope of Begging letters sent to Lord Penrhyn (all helped). Written on the envelope is:
Cases helped
Jane Buckley – Rallt
G. J. Hughes – Harlech – died Feb 1906
Elizabeth Ellis – LyC(?) Foa’s Cook – £5ann.
Mrs Jones – Old Colwyn
Manning – £1
Mrs Clifford –
W Williams’ widow St James’ Gazette
W Allen – (Clayton)

PFA/8/99 12 May 1891
Letter of thanks for donation of £10 to the Bentinck benevolent and Rous memorial funds.

PFA/8/100 1892-1903
Envelope containing letters of thanks to Lord Penrhyn, mainly for gifts given as acknowledgement of support/excellent service during the strike 1900-1903. Written on the envelope is
Warren Trevor
D D Davies 1903
John Jack 1903
Mr Gray 1903
Mr Pughe’s test £5
E Garnnett. My carriage patent for locking. 1892.

PFA/8/101 1892-1904
Envelope containing various letters of thanks received by Lord Penrhyn. Written on the envelope is:
Bangor Training College Site
Dio Church Committee (crossed out)
Welsh Chaplain Poplas (crossed out)
Nevin Church
Llandrygan School (crossed out)
1902 Gelli Church heating £25
1903 Church Schools – Archdeacon Williams £1000 promised

PFA/8/102 1893-1900
Envelope with ‘Begging Case helped – F. Barber’ written on the front, containing large volume of correspondence relating to Frank Barber (son of Barber, former Penrhyn solicitor), his employment at the Ogwen Brickworks and his subsequent decline both fiscally and in health. Contains numerous begging letters to Lord Penrhyn.

PFA/8/103 1893-1900 Envelope containing numerous begging letter which were granted help Written on the envelope is
Begging Cases Helped
L.D. Roberts, Portmadoc & Helidon
J. Jones, Caellwyngryd – now Rev T. Llechid Jones
Rev W. Hughes – Llanuwchlyn
H. Dalby – Banbury
Edwin B. Jones – Houghton – Stockbridge
Ritchie Thomas. 1895
J.J. Davies
Rev Canon Williams
Eos Llechid’s widow.
Contains another envelope with the following written on it:
‘Begging Cases Helped
Thomas Jones Llanllechid at Lampeter now Rev. T. Llechid Jones.

PFA/8/104 1893 Letter of thanks to Lord Penrhyn for a 25% rent abatement for the tenants of Gorswen Estate, Conwy.

PFA/8/105 1894-1899 Envelope containing begging letters of Mrs Thomas of Gelli, Nantlle.

PFA/8/106 1895-1903
Envelope containing various letters of thanks received by Lord Penrhyn. Written on the envelope is:
Rev R.H. Williams Curate
Rev William Owen Llanfrothen
Rev Morris Roberts – Penmachno
Rev R. Jones Bettwsycoed
Mr Frank Williams – Glanogwen
Mrs Pierce Jones Aber
O.R. Owen Lampeter 1901

PFA/8/107 Januray – February 1896
Envelope containing a begging letter from Mrs Routledge nee Barber on behalf of her brother. Also contains letter from Rev W. H. Butlin giving advice on setting her brother up as a poultry farmer

PFA/8/108 1896
Envelope containing begging letter & letter of thanks from Thamas Williams, London.

PFA/8/109 1896-1906
Envelope of correspondence relating to the begging requests of General & Mr Bracken.

PFA/8/109a 1897 Envelope of correspondence relating to the Welsh Church. Relates to 1. Church meeting at Rhyl 1897 2. Bishop of St Asaph 3. Mr R. Williams Wynn.

PFA/8/110 1897-1905 Envelope of correspondence from Williams Brooks, of Sprinh Hill Lodge, Moreton in Marsh, ‘Old Brooks’, mainly giving thanks.

PFA/8/111 4 January 1898
Letter of thanks from Mr S.J. Crosby for gift received in lieu of loss of salary due to Quarry strike.

PFA/8/111a 1900-1902 Envelope of correspondence from Mr H Pikeares including a letter of thanks to Lord Penrhyn for a gift along with a letter thanking Lord Penrhyn for his permissioned to be named as referee along with a request to use the title ‘engineer in local charge of the Penrhyn Quarries’ which Lord Penrhyn refused.

PFA/8/112 1901-1907
Box file of begging letters. Box file is ordered alphabetically and includes letters of request made to both Lord and Lady Penrhyn.

PFA/8/113 1898-1903
Envelope containing letters of thanks to Lord Penrhyn. Also contains printed programmes of the ‘Patriotic Concerts in aid of the Widows and Families of the Soldiers and Reservists now fighting for the Crown in South Africa’, presidenT E.A. Young Tanybryn. Written on the envelope is:
Queens memorial
-for Jubilee Nurses
Alfred Hughes Memorial
Armenian orphans
1900 Quarry contribution to County War Fund
1903 County Memorial £10.10.0
Baden Powell reception £10

PFA/8/114 1904 Envelope containing letters of thanks from Bryncroes Church and Pwllheli Church and Parish Room. Written on the envelope is:
Bryncroes Church £150
Pwllheli Church & Parish Room £150

PFA/8/115 1904
Envelope relating to the case of R J Jones, Portmadog; includes responses from Arthur Balfour, Prime Minister and an image of R J Jones.

PFA/8/116 1904-1905 Envelope of begging/thank you letters received by Lord and Lady Penrhyn.

PFA/8/117 1905
Small bundle of begging letters. Includes letter seeking employment for a ratchatcher, letter from R. Evans, Tyddyn Marsely, Llanberis for help with Vaynol lease, begging letters from R. Jones Treorchy, W Thomas Caernarfon and Mr C Wise.

PFA/8/118 1905

Envelope containing begging letters of Major Mulchinnock

PFA/8/119 1905-6 Large bundle of correspondence relating to subscriptions and donations.

PFA/8/120 1906 Envelope of correspondence relating to the begging requests of Major Griffith, Harol Rd, London.

PFA/8/120a 26 May 1906
Letter of thanks to Lord Penrhyn from Annie Horne Roberts. Letter mentions that her only surviving child has been ill with diphtheria.

PFA/8/121 27 November 1906
Letter of thanks from J. A. Jones, Elwy House

PFA/8/122 28 November 1906
Letter of thanks from Mr Williams, Rhydllanfair, Betws y Coed.

PFA/8/123 c. 1906
Envelope containing bundle of correspondence and pamphlets about the National Service League and a copy of the speech delivered by H. R. Reichel on 13 February 1906. Olive Stewart of Plas Lodwig, asks Lord Penrhyn to be chairman of the Bangor branch, and lists said branch members (which include Alice Douglas-Pennant).

PFA/8/124 c. 1921
Letter from The Sotheby Memorial Club regarding the composer E.C. Jones along with an extract from The Lady.

PFA/8/125 20 Sept 1922
Correspondence to Lady Penrhyn from ‘The Ypres League’. Letter invites Lady Penrhyn to join the Committee of Princes Beatrice to assist in organising fundraising events.


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