Catalogue – Index & Correspondence (Estate & County matters)

Post 1800 Penrhyn Castle Papers

1. Correspondence PFA/8/1-PFA/8/201
a) Estate inc. county matters PFA/8/1-PFA/8/42
b) Slate trade including Penrhyn Quarry, Port Penrhyn, Strike etc. PFA/8/43-PFS/8/61
c) Household including chattels, provisions, staff etc. PFA/8/62-PFA/8/84
d) Charitable including begging & thank you letters, subscriptions etc. PFA/8/85-PFA/8/125
e) Legal including documents relating to W.J. Parry PFA/8/126-PFA/8/144
f) Political PFA/8/145 – PFA/8/151
g) Financial PFA/8/152-PFA/8/154
h) Personal/family correspondence PFA/8/155-PFA/8/163
i) Leisure including horse racing, hunting etc. PFA/8/164 – PFA/8/175
j) Mixed bundles PFA/8/176 – PFA/8/195
k) Miscellaneous PFA/8/196-PFA/8/201

2. Printed Material PFA/9/1 – PFA/9/89
a) Estate PFA/9/1- PFA/9/3
b) Landlordism, Property Defence & the Land Commission PFA/9/4-PFA/9/20
c) Religious including church defence, Anglicanism etc. PFA/9/21 – PFA/9/29
d) Slate trade including Penrhyn Quarry, strike, employment issues and free labour movement. PFA/9/30 – PFA/9/58
e) Legal PFA/9/59 – PFA/9/60
f) Household including provisions, chattels etc. PFA/9/61-PFA/9/64
g) Charitable PFA/9/65 – PFA/9/66
h) Leisure including Horse Racing, Hunting, Fishing etc. PFA/9/67 – PFA/9/73
i) Personal PFA/9/74
j) Mixed bundles & Miscellaneous. PFA/9/75PFA/9/89

3. Financial Papers including Accounts, Vouchers, Cash Books etc. PFA/10/1-PFA/10/68
a) Estate PFA/10/1- PFA/10/14
b) Slate trade including Penrhyn Quarry, Port Penrhyn etc. PFA/10/15-PFA/10/17
c) Household including provisions, chattels etc PFA/10/18 – PFA/10/30
d) Leisure including hunting, horse racing etc. PFA/10/31 – PFA/10/45
e) Personal PFA/10/46 – PFA/10-60
f) Mixed bundles and Miscellaneous. PFA/10/61 – PFA/10/68
4. Legal PFA/11/1 – PFA/11/5

5. Mixed Bundles PFA/12/1 – PFA/12/62

6. Miscellaneous PFA/13/1 – PFA/13/62
1. Correspondence

a) Estate inc. county matters.

PFA/8/1 22 August 1760
Letter from Samuel Wright to General Warburton concerning estate matters. Letters detail arrangements with tenants, leases on quarry and arrangements with both Messers Pennant regarding management of the estate.

PFA/8/2 3 October 1772
Letter to Richard Pennant from Mr Wright. Letter detailing the discussions between Mr Wright and Messrs Knowles and Hughes regarding taking possession of Penrhyn ‘Hall’. Discusses management of the estate including nursery and wood plantations (which have been planted too thickly) detailing types of trees planted and those to be grown in the future. Also refers to discussions regarding copper mines at Dolowen, Dinas and Tregarth. Mentions sales of timber for repairs, and discusses proposals to sell ‘the Sea Weeds on the Penrhyn Coasts’ to a Mr Foulkes of Beaumaris for Kelp burning. IN POOR CONDITION

PFA/8/3 3 September 1817 Letter to G.H. Dawkins Pennant from Mr Leycester regarding the Church at St Annes and its organ. Letter discussed the makers of the organ and the will of the late Lady Penrhyn.

PFA/8/4 3 February 1829 Letter regarding the benefits of wire fencing with attached pricing. Letter also mentions different plants to be trialled from seed from the West Indies (sugar apple, melon and cabbage tree) and mentions the developments at Penrhyn.

PFA/8/5 1852-1874 Box file of correspondence from P.A. Lloyd. Letters discuss topics such as rents, militia, quarter sessions, purchases (inc. Aber & Nant), weirs, tenants and staff, Ty Slaters, great fall at the quarry, building land etc.

PFA/8/6 1857
Correspondence relating to the safeguarding of graves at Talybont between Arthur Jones and E.G. Douglas Pennant M.P.

PFA/8/7 4 November 1857
Letter from E. Penrhyn regarding the trust fund of St Anns.

PFA/8/8 April 1862 Correspondence between Col E.G. D. Pennant and the James Howard at the Office of Woods etc, Whitehall relating to the desire of the crown to purchase some of the waste lands (owned by Pennant) surrounding the Bryn Hafod y Wern Quarry to be used for slate waste.

PFA/8/9 June 1862
Envelope of correspondence relating to the building of a new church in Bangor (probably St Mary’s Church, Garth Road). Lord Penrhyn wrote in objection to a plan which suggested that a road may be needed across a field of his to connect the church to the high street, something he felt that as the owner of the field and subscriber of £200 toward the church he should have been consulted upon. Numerous responses from various individuals are included, including a response that suggests that the road access to the Church should be from Garth Road, and that the architect had acted without the permission of the committee in place an entrance arch next to Lord Penrhyn’s field.

PFA/8/10 1866-1893 Large bundle of items relating to the Land Commission and Caerhun and Llanaber enclosures. Contains correspondence from Lord Newborough, Board of Agriculture, North Wales Property Defence Association, Williams Bulkley, Baron Hill, H Barber solicitor, Pennant Lloyd etc. Also contains map of Caerhun allotments and list of men who objected to clear their sheep from Cwm Eigia mountain 1866 Includes letter from the NWPDA about evidence given in sessions (poining out that Ellis MP and George of Criccieth (Lloyd George?) were the ones who gave evidence against Penrhyn. Also includes letter from the Board of Agriculture dated 19 May 1892 stating
‘The Government are of the opinion that the charges brought forward in the press and in parliment against owners of land in the Principality are not such as to warrant the appointment of a Royal Commission to enquire.”

PFA/8/11 1868
Correspondence relating to a missing pistol and a statement suggesting a Bethesda policeman may have it.

PFA/8/12 6 February 1868 Correspondence between Edward Gordon Douglas Pennant and the chief constable of police relating to policing in Bethesda. Penrhyn feels that given the volatility of the situation, particularly in relation to Ireland, the police should be taking a more active role.

PFA/8/13 21-24 March 1868
Correspondence between Lord Penrhyn, James Vincent (Dean of Bangor cathedral) and Philip Constable Ellis Rector of Llanfairfechan relating to a Mr Boucher. Written on the envelope (possibly by George Sholto Douglas Pennant) is ‘(Rev P.C. Ellis) -letter from the Dean of Bangor (James Vincent) grand row about something – P’

PFA/8/14 October 1868
Correspondence between Edward Gordon Douglas Pennant and Mr Williams, Bodafon, Llandudno relating to an article published in the North Wales Chronicle alleging that Lord Penrhyn had stated that diseased cattle came from Llandudno. Penrhyn replies that the paper had miss-represented his comments and he was seeking to rectify their mistake.

PFA/8/15 October/November 1868
Envelope of correspondence in relation to the upcoming Caernarvonshire elections. Includes correspondence from Knox Holmes of Arabella Row, Buckingham Palace, and Stephenson of the treasury. Discuss police presence at the elections in Caernarvonshire.

PFA/8/16 17 December 1868 Letter relating to sporting and poaching over certain lands at Ffestiniog.

PFA/8/17 23 September 1870
Letter from the Rev Morris Hughes (formerly of St Ann’s, Llandygai) to Mr Thomas of St Ann’s regarding the financing of St Ann’s.

PFA/8/18 6 & 7 October 1871
Correspondence between Edward Gordon Douglas Pennant and Philip Constable Ellis, rector of Llanfairfechan regarding the burial of “still born” children. Letters probably relate to the situation described in a letter in PFA/8/182. While the rector sets out the legal responsibility for the burial of babies, Lord Penrhyn argues that men of the church have a moral responsibility to ensure that babies being buried truly were still born. States concern that the current situation “… a practice which affords neat facility for the concealment of culpable neglect and ill treatment of those children, and even of child – murder and I should think that the moral influence of the clergyman even if he has no legal authority – might be beneficially exercised in furthering a stop to such a practice.”

PFA/8/19 December 1871
Correspondence between Lord Penrhyn and Archdeacon John Evans, Llanchellid relating to a passenger station at Talybont, and the garland subscriptions to a drainage scheme.

PFA/8/20 25 Jan 1872
Letter from the 1st Lord Penrhyn to Jem (James) Howard (of Office of Woods) regarding Major Johnson, former agent at the Oakley Quarry. Letter reveals much about the character of Edward Gordon Douglas Pennant, particularly in relation to his reference to John Platt of Llanfairfechan as Marquis de Platt as he calls him and a joke made abot the rights of the foreshore. Letter also discussed his wish to purchase lands in Llanllechid.

PFA/8/21 December 1872
Two letters from Lord Penrhyn objecting to the choice of tenant for the Capel Curig hotel following advice from his son George.

PFA/8/22 1873-94
Bundle of correspondence relating to the Caerhun & Llanbedr y Cennin and Gyffin Common enclosures, accusations by T.E. Ellis and Land Commission documents. Includes letters from Pennant Lloyd and H. Barber.

PFA/8/23 1875-1904 Large bundle of correspondence from and about Mr Foster (Game Keeper) of Plas Padoc, Bettws y Coed about the shooting/game/poaching etc on the Bettws estate. Also contains letters referring to staffing issues, tenants etc.

PFA/8/24 September 1876 Envelope containing correspondence between Lord Penrhyn and D W Thomas of the Mission Chapel, St Anns, Llandygai regarding church expenses and the wages of curates and the contribution Lord Penrhyn made towards them.

PFA/8/25 1 November 1877
Letter from Armstrong Williams of Cefn, Pwllheli stating that he is still unwell and unable to attend meeting but “will most readily coincide with my brother magistrates in any measure that may contribute to maintain the dignity of the bench.”

PFA/8//26 20 May 1879
Letter from J.V. (James) Howard (of the Office of Woods) to Lord Penrhyn regarding the purchase of ‘Bronydd’ which was leased to the Bryn Hafod (Bangor Slate) Company.

PFA/8//27 22 May 1879 Letter of reply to James Howard (Office of Woods) regarding the purchase of ‘Bronydd’.

PFA/8/28 6 & 8 October1880 Two letters from the Rev D. W. Thomas, St Anns, regarding new Sunday school buildings.

PFA/8/29 1884-1901 Box file of correspondence relating to Cairnton (1).

PFA/8/30 15 October 1887
Letter to Lord Penrhyn from R. M. Edwards of Yspytty Vicerage thanking him for the new road at Yspytty.

PFA/8/31 1 August 1891-24 Feb 1892
Small bundle of correspondence from H. Barber (solicitor) relating to the purchase of Bryn Quarry and Bronydd.

PFA/8/32 12 May 1896
Letter to Lady Penrhyn from J. Williams (Penlan) regarding the erection and maintenance of cottages at Llandygai. Discusses thickness of walls and mertis of using flue liners.

PFA/8/33 30 Dec 1896
Letter to Lady Penrhyn from W. Lester Smith regarding girth of Yew tree below Castle, and the health of William Stewart, a shepherd on the farm.

PFA/8//34 1897-1902 Correspondence from Archibald Garel Hogg relating to the proposed church in Gerlan, including a bill for his designs.

PFA/8/35 1897-1906 Box file of correspondence and accounts relating to Parkia Brickworks, near Caernarfon.

PFA/8/36 1898-1904 Envelope of correspondence relating to the character of Mr Addie, applicant for the post of agent at both Penrhyn (in 1898) and Vaynol (1904).

PFA/8/37 1898-1899 Box file of correspondence from R.C. Trench regarding the management of the estate. Includes report on improvements that could be made in when he came into post in 1898 (which suggests that the estate is running at a loss), documents relating to the Castle Hotel, University College and numerous documents providing a snapshot of life in Bangor, Lleyn and the wider estate.

PFA/8/38 1899- 1904 Box file of correspondence to and from Col Ruck. Includes letters regarding police matters, disturbances in Bethesda (including telegram from Whitehall on the matter), statement made by Ruck to the Standing Joint Committee. Includes letter from Quarryman requesting a vacant tenement in St Annes following ill treatment and attacks on his property he experienced since returning to work in the quarry in 1901.

PFA/8/39 1900-1904 Box file of correspondence relating to Cairnton (2) Details rentals, staff testimonials, sport etc.

PFA/8/40 29 October 1904 Correspondence and other documents relating to the purchase of Soham House. Contains completion statement and correspondence from legal representative which states that “I will, of course, not mention your name in my negotiations”. Mortgage of £10,000 secured from Barclays at a rate of 4%

PFA/8/41 23 October 1903 Letter to Lady Penrhyn from the Agence de Locations Brunel (in French).

PFA/8/42 N.D. Final page of a letter relating to Hafod y Wern (possibly by Pennant Lloyd).


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