My project in pictures – part 2

As I’m nearing the end of my time with the boxes, here’s another picture blog to show you what the experience has been like.

First take a box.


Take out an item. This could be a single document.


Or a bundle of documents that need to be catalogued as one item to maintain the integrity of the collection.


Read through the bundle and write a description


Allocate it a temporary number


Use a form on the computer to describe the item.


Then, to ensure there’s a backup,paste the description into a box list (which is what i usually post on the blog)


And hey preto, one item done. The frustrating thing is that the above process can take anything from a few seconds to a matter of days, depending what’s in the bundle. I now have around 10 bundles to go, but how long that’ll take is anyones guess!


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