A fantastc discovery!

Quickly had to share the latest fascinating find.

It is a very long account of the troubles at Pernhyn Quarry since 1874, discussing each of the strikes that took place until it was written by Lord Penrhyn in 1900 “lest ignorance of the truth should cause protracted suffering, to thousands, who are affected by the present position of affairs and outlook at my quarries”.

It is really well written, Penrhyn the poet is quite apparent, and it gives a totally different account of the management of the Penrhyn Quarry to that whe have become accustomed to, gives anl insight into what Penrhyn thought and the rationality behind his actions.

I wonder if it was ever published? As the strike was to continue for another three years I doubt it was. But, it’s a little piece of archive gold for us to mull over what Penrhyn calls “the misdeeds that were done in days that are dead”

Here’s a pictures of Page 1.  The scan is quite faint, but youcan click on the image to  see it more clearly.


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