An update

I’ve been a bit negligent of the blog of late. That’s because I’ve become completeley absorbed in the last two boxes I’ve been working on, both of which have been incredibly interesting.

Box 69 in particular was full of nothing but papers on either the land commission, or W.J. Parry, and both topics make fascinating reading.  I won’t go into to much detail about what was there, because basically I just want to crack on with it!  I only have one and half boxes to complete before I hit my target and can start the catalog proper, but they look like tough ones so it’s still full steam ahead.

This is the kind of thing I’ve found really interesting in the boxes so far though – the notes George Sholto Douglas Pennant wrote on some of the items.  He seems to have been pedantically fastidiuous, and returned to write notes on some documents years after the event, like this envelope, with notes giving an update on something 10 years after the original document had been produced!  It’s almost as if he knew someone would be looking through all these some day, and he wanted to make his side of the story as clear as possible.

Now to a rundown of what was in these interesting boxes:

69.01 Folder of documents (mainly correspondence) relating to the Yspytty Estate.
Collection organised by farm, and placed into individual envelopes. Includes
1896 Kirkby purchase
August-Sept 1892 Sale of Tyddyn Meistry, Penmachno
1897 Col Lloyd Williams land offered
1890-95 Land purchases from Gwydyr estate
1889-90 fedw Deg
1896-97 Purchase of Gwern Howell – Yspytty Correspondence re.Trust Fund for the above
1884-1894 Loose correspondence from William Sackville West relating to purchases in Penmachno
Correspondence/estate/yspytty/ land purchases/sales

69.02 Edition of the National Observer
28 April 1894
Article on The Welsh Land Commission highlighted.
Printed Materials/magazine/national observer

69.03 Notes in the hand of George Sholto Douglas pennant with the heading of “L.D.Post” Lies. Lists lies published in the Liverpool daily Post.
28 Sept 1896
Notes/on newspapers

69.04 Bundle of press currings wrapped in paper with the following written on it in the hand of George Sholto Douglas Pennant “re false evidence of David Jones before land commission re Dolwyddelen farms” Written in reed ink below this is “N.B. The David Jones refered to was sentenced in 1904 6 & ½ years ……(illegible) He was a leading radical solicitor at Llanrwst.” 1895-1904 Printed material/press cuttings/land commission
69.05 Two letters from Hugh Vincent (solicitor) to Lord Penrhyn relting to the publications of W.J. Parry’s second appeal in the Daily News. Vincent advises Lord Penrhyn against writing to the Daily News with the threat of action “
6 & 12 August 1901
Vincent advises Lord Penrhyn against writing to the Daily News with the threat of action “ I should personally not advise proceedings being taken. I am afraid your Lordship will thing I am always advising you against fighting, but the fact is I am anxious to keep you out of litigation unless some really useful purpose can be served by it & we are also reasonably certain of success.”
Correspondence/strike/w.j.Parry/daily news/vincent

69.06 Letter from H. Lloyd Carter (solicitor) regarding W.J. Parry 4 August 1896 Letter indicates that the firm would like to sue Parry (written four years before they did on behalf of Penrhyn). Correspondence/solicitor/w.j.parry
69.07 Letter from Sir Llewelyn Turner, Parkia, Caernarfon giving extract from the Caernarfon herald of 4 November 1892 re W.J. Parry’s common lands enquiry.
15 Feb 1892
Correspondence/llewelyn turner/w.j.parry

69.08 Two letters from Hugh Vincent regarding the taxation of W.J. Parry following victory in the libel case.
25 June and 17 July 1903

69.09 Analysis of drinking water of the Hon A. M. McGarel-Hogg done by Savory & Moore, Chemists to Her Majesty 18 April 1899 Misc/Water Analysis
69.10 Letter from P.A. Lloyd to Lord Penrhyn relatying to a request by W.J. Parry to use correspondence between himself and Lloyd. 17 August c.1900 Correspondence/pennant lloys re wj parry
69.11 Letter from R. Williams 22 Dinorwic Street Caernarfon relating to evidence against W.J. Parry. Letter also alludes to the necessity of using the press (both Welsh and English) to ‘enlighten those who are deluded’. Also contains paragraph to be circulated amongst the English papers.
15 November 1902
Correspondence/strike/parry by R.Williams, caernarfon

69.12 Two copies of The Report of the Welsh Land Commission Leading Articles and Correspondence from The Times. One copy has Property Protection Society stamped on it.
Printed materials/pamphlets and publications/Welsh Land Commission

69.13 Correspondence between Hugh Vincent and Lord Penrhyn regarding the formers connections with the Pantdreinion Quarry and Cefnfaes estate (and consequently W.J. Parry) Also contains letter from K. Chapreic? Of Eichorn Austria on the envelope of which Lord Penrhyn has written W.J. Parry application for appointment.
16 & 18 February 1897 Vincent confirms that the firms (including all partners) have completely severed their connections with both quarry and estate, and that Douglas-Jones has dsold his shares in the quarry. Lord Penrhyn replied that he did not feel he could ask the firm to do so, but that he is glad they have. Correspondence/solicitors/quarry/parry
69.14 Bundle of Annual Reports for the North Wales Property Defence Association 1890-1903 Years 1891,94,9597 &1902 are missing. Printed material/annual reports/north wales property defence association
69.15 The Land Question in Wales Part 1 A Series of Letters on Land-Leagueism Part II The Cae-Einion Farce 1888-1889 Printed and published for the North wales Property Defence Association. Printed material/pamphlets/north wales property defence association
69.16 Tenancy in Wales A repluy to Landlordism in Wales by Adfyr in two parts:
Part I – Adfyr Answered
Part II – The Case for Landowners by Edmund Vincent 1889 Printed and published for the North wales Property Defence Association. Printed material/pamphlets/north wales property defence association
69.17 The Land and the Last Straw by R.J. Lloyd Price
Printed by Davies and Evans ‘Seren’ office, bala
Printed material/pamphlets/Land Question

69.18 3 x copies of The Land Question in Wales: being A Survey of the Evidence Colected in view of the appointment of a Royal Commission, and Suggestions for the Collection of Further Evidence; together with A review of some of the Main Aspects of the Question. 1892 Issued by the North wales Property Defence Association Printed material/pamphlets/north wales property defence association
69.19 The Welsh Land Commission Summary of the Evidence of Mr Edward davies Plas-Dinam, Llandinam
5 November 1894
Printed material/pamphlets/Land commission

69.20 The Land of Canaan According to Welsh Newspapers by Outis.
Inside front leaf is a letter from the North Wales Property Defence Association stating that
“My Lord,
I send herewith an English Pamphlet “The Land of Canaan” according to the Welsh Newspapers
Being the second of a series, written for the above Association.

The same will be issued in Welsh in a few days.”
Printed material/pamphlets/Land commission

69.21 Guide with Suggestions as to Answering the Queries contained in the syllabus of the Welsh Land Commission
Issued by the North Wales Property Defence Association.
Printed material/pamphlets/Land commission

69.22 “Cymru Fydd” Landlordism in Wales by Adfyr (written by request of the South Wales Monmouthshire Liberal Federation.
Contains highlighted sections (presumably by Lord Penrhyn. Also within the document are printed copies of an article from ‘Baner ac Amserau Cymru’ ‘The House of Commons and Small farms published 27th March 1889 p. 9 and ‘The Welsh Farmers Day of Trial who will help them? The Land Commission Coming’ published in y Genedl Gymreig 31 January 1893. Both also have sections highlighted presumably by Lord Penrhyn.
Printed material/pamphlets/Land commission

69.23 Two copies of the Parlimentary Debates, second volume of session 1892 in relation to the Tenure of Land Wales Bill.
16 March 1892
Printed material/pamphlets/Land commission

59.24 Large bundle of newspapers, often with comments written on them by Lord Penrhyn. The majority of the newspapers contain articles on the Welsh Land Commission, but some also deal with the strikes of 1896 & 1901, the Parry v’s Penrhyn libel case and the disestablishment issue.
Papers include The Times, North Wales observer and Express, Liverpool Courier, Liverpool Mercury, The Clarion, The Cambrian News (supplement to), The Herald, Caernarfon & Denbigh Herald, and the North Wales Chronicle.
Printed material/newspapers/Land commission etc

59.25 Letter from J.E. Vincent giving advice to Lord Penrhyn, on handling the Chief Constable, calling in the militia, a pamphlet that is to be published and W.J. Parry. 8 July 1897 Suggests caution in relation to W.J. Parry and says “We can break W.J. Parry afterwards”. Correspondence/strike/J.E.Vincent
69.26 Two letters from the former landlady of the Union Hotel Garth, who claims to have been drugged up by doctors under a charge of lunacy and her possessions taken from her by W J Parry. Written on the envelope is ask H Vincent and Lunatic.
2 November 1903 and 15 March 1904

69.27 Minutes of a meeting of the North Wales property Defence Association held 4 February 1903
4 February 1903
Correspondence/annual rep[ort nwpda

69.28 Bundle of translations of articles published in the Welsh Language newspapers relating to the quarry.
Printed? translations

69.29 Bundle of correspondence relating to the Caerhun & Llanbedr y Cennin enclosures, Gyffin Common, accusations by T.E. Ellis and the Land Commission. Includes letters from Pennant Lloyd and H. Barber.
Correspondence/land commission

69.30 Large bundle of items relating to the Land Commission and Caerhun and Llanber enclosures. Contains correspondence from the likes of Lord Newborough, Board of Agriculture, North Wales Property Defence Association Williams Bulkley, Baron Hill, H Barber solicitor, Pennant Lloyd etc. Also contains map of Caerhun allotments and list of men who objected to clear their sheep from Cwm Eigia mountain 1866 1866-1893 Inlcudes letter from the NWPDA about evidence given in sessions (poining out that Ellis MP and George of Criccieth (Lloyd George?) were the one who gave evidence against Penrhyn. Also includes letter from the Board of Agriculture dated 19 May 1892 stating
‘The Government are of the opinioj that the charges brough forward in the press and in parlimet against owners of land in the Principality are not such as to warrant the appointment of a Royal Commission to enquire.” Correspondence/land commission/caerhun riots
69.31 Folder of items relating to Aber (gwyngregyn) estate.
Collection arranged into categories in separate envelopes and includes:
a) 1896 Conditional offer to sell Plas Nant Aber
b) 7 Sept N.D. Letter suggesting that the path up to Aber falls nees to be improved and that a charge could then be made for the use of the new path.
c) 1905 Three envelopes of correspondence, mainly from Principal Reichel about the establishing of a rifle range for the Volunteer Garison Artilliary from Bangor College. Bundle includes letter from Arthure Bigger stating that the prince of Wales will provide them with guns, and correspondence from Hugh Vincent (solicitor) and Lord Kenyon (President of University College of North Wales.
d) 21 September 1894 – letter from Douglas-Jones (solicitor) confirming his appointment as steward to Tir Ifan and Aber Manors.
e) N.D. Map of Aber, showing owners.
f) October/November 1891 – Correspondence from William Sackville-West relating to the purchase of Hafod gelyn, Aber.
g) N.D. Valuation iof the Parish of Aber.
h) 1861-1891 Bundle of correspondence relating to the purchase of estates in Aber from Sir Richard Bulkley in 1861 at a cost of £88,000. Also contains later letter from Pennant-Lloyd about the matter, which also refers to his involvement in the 1874 strike at the quarry and Arthur Wyatt.

69.32 Bundle of printed items relating to The Property Defence Association Ireland and the Irish Defence Union. 1884-86 Bundle includes annual reports, pamphlets etc. Printed material/property defence ireland

69.33 Folder of documents relating to Home Farm, mainly consisting of accounts, stock list etc.  Also includes bundle of correspondence from Robert Smith regarding agricultural practices inc hay making, sales, bulls etc and a catalogue of household furniture to be sold at Ty newydd, with items owned by the Penrhyn estate and removed from the sale crossed out.  1855-1896 
69.34 Large bundle of items relating to W.J.Parry.  1875-1903  Bundle includes:a)      13 march 1900 – Letter from Lady Penrhyn offering regret at the death of Mrs Parry, but stating that she does not feel Mr Trench (Estate Agent) is to blame. Letter has been edited by Lord Penrhyn.  Also includes letter from Mr Trench thanking lady Penrhyn for not admitting he was to blame.

b)      15 November 1892 Bundle containing printed letter (and a hand written draft) written by Lord Penrhyn responding to comments made about him in the North Wales Observer & Express by W.J. Parry in relation to the Royal Commission on Labour which was never sent on the advice of E.A. Young (letter from E.A. Young included.  In one letter against going to the press with lord penrhyn’s statement, Young suggests:  “Do you now think that the dismissal quietly of 2 or 3 at a time of the worst of the agitators would be beneficial?”

c)      April-May 1875 Envelope of correspondence from W J Parry & Arthur Wyatt to the Quarry benefit Club, on the envelope Lord Penrhyn has written “Duplicity”.

d)     Envelope of documents with correspondence re. Clation & W.J. Parry written on it.  Includes two cuttings from The Clarion newspaper 16 March 1901 & 21 March 1901, copies of communications between the solicitors of Lord Penrhyn, The Clation & W.J. Parry re libel action.  Copy of an extract from the Clatrion suggesting Penrhyn is responsible for the rise in death rates in Bethesda & letter from Hugh Vincent (solicitor) to Lord Penrhyn 26 July 1901 giving an update on the situation re. libel case “I think this places Parry in an exceedingly nasty corner, especially as he has removed our greatest difficulty by admitting publication.”

e)      Correspondence containing two letters from Hugh Vincent about the case against Parry 04 Se[tember 1901 & 24 October 1901.   Mention’s parry’s book.

f)       Envelope containing two letters re case against Parry (by H. Vincent).  One details the line he suspects the defence will take 19 & 29 October 1901.

g)      Envelope containing two letters from H. Vincent stating that Parry been beaten in one of the interlocutory proceedings.

h) Two letters from Claud Duglas-pennant (barrister & nephew) giving updates onm the Parry case.

i) 25 August 1896 An edition of the Liverpool Daily Post sent to Lord Penrhyn with an article about him highlighted & a note written on the side “Lord P will see from this that he is a good friend to collectivists.”  Written on the envelope by Lord Penrhynb is “is this Parry’s handwriting”

j) Bundle containing 10 March 1892 edition of the Liverpool Courier featuring an article on ‘the enfranchisement of places of worship bill with sections highlighted & notes by Lord Penrhyn stating that “the evidence ???? G. lawsom is that of W. J. Parry!!” and a copy of a letter from Lord P to J.A. Wilcox M.P. thanking him for representations made in the srticle.

k) Envelope containing two editions of the Caernarfon & Denbigh Herald 11 Nov 1903.  Written on the envelope by Lord Penrhyn is “Caernarvon Herald sept 11 1903 vile pages 4 & 8 W.J. Parry” one edition has his notes written on it.  Penrhyn has highlighted the fact that the Parry defence fund has raised £2960.

l) Envelope market to “truth” re. W.J. Parry, contains response to an article entitled “Truth about W.J. Parry” from David Williams, where he outlines the practices of Parry’s ‘Gwynedd Loan and Discount Company’ accompanied by a cover letter about the piece which Hugh Vincent describes as “I am afraid that the statement is grossly libelous of Mr W. J. Parry though true; but I think we can pretty well hold him in check by taking banksuptcy proceedings against him.” And a letter about a sceech published in the Birmingham daily Post by Brookes which possibly stated that Penrhyn was “a murderer of men women and children in the streets of Bethesda.”


62.01 Bundle of items relating to the quarry/strike and related parliamentary debate.
a) Typed copy of ‘The Penrhyn Quarry Dispute 1896 the Controvesy between the workmen of cae-Braich-y-Cafn Wuarry and Lord Penrhyn and the Quarry Authorities. Printed at the Genedl office, possibly a translation? Includes notes by Lord Penrhyn.
b) B) Envelope with ‘Strike – Division Lists March 5th April 27 1903’ written on it. Includes notes on the parlimenray debates on strike and voucher for horses. Lists members for and against motion on strike in the House of Commons.
c) 15 February 1837 Lime kiln accounts.
d) Translation of an article from Yr Herald Gymraeg 23 March 1897 “Permitting or recognizing”
e) 18 April 1903 Letter from Hugh Vincent re a printed defence for the House of Commons and Lord penrhyn’s comments on it.
f) Correspondence between Lord Aberdare, Alice Douglas-Pennant and Lord Penrhyn relating to the Welsh Insustries Association 13-26 June 1900
g) Letter from E.A. Young with enclosed extract from The Times 23 June 1906 relating to Cornish tin miners.
h) Envelope of correspondence to G.H. Dawkins-Pennant relating to the use of slate for paving in London. Dec 1837.
i) Letter of thanks from the quarry officials for the 50% on top of their salaries they received for working as quarrymen during the strike. 4 June 1901
j) Letter from Joshua Field relating to the Iron Trades Association and employers liability.
k) Printed pamphlet of statement/defence relating to the parliamentary debate April 1903 regarding the Penrhyn Strike with “not used”. Inside the pamphlet are various items including Translation of an article from Celt 5 Feb 1897 “This and That from Babylon the great” 20 April 1903 Letter from Hugh Vincent (solicitor) re: statement for parliament. Handwritten notes – homework, jokes? List of prominent figures in strike/union with quotes with “W. Jones M.P. triumphant recognition of collectivism (Aug 1897) written on it. Begging letter of Richard Milais (?) Bragburgh Hall, Rugby along with a letter from Lord Penrhyn declining the requests due to monies still owing.
L) Printe pamphlet “The Bethesda Strike Happy Dreams” by S.R October 1874
m) Printed copy of Penrhyn Quarry Strike – Statement by Mr E.A. Young (Chief Manager) of facts connected with the above strike. January 1897

62.02 Pass book of George Hay Dawkins-Pennant in account with Bouverie, Norman & Murdoch 1835-1840 Includes payments to Thomas Hopper, subscription to East India Company, and payments to servants and charities among others.
62.03 Cheque book (possibly George Hay Dawkins-Pennants?).

62.04 Two books of brewing accounts at Penrhyn

62.05 Investment Accounts Balance Sheets with covering letters.
14 May & 7 October 1903
One cover letter mentions the transfer of funds from Investment Account to the Quarry Account.

62.06 Printed pamphlet entitled ‘Penrhyn Quarry Dispute Mr E.A. Young’s reply to Mr. Herbert Bridge Hon Sec of the Christian Social reform League. Pamphlet is accompanied by correspondence from Mr. Herbert Bridge refusing to circulate pamphlet at a concert, a copy of a handbill for the concert and correspondence from E.A. Young to Lord Penrhyn on the matter.
September 1901
One of the letters from E.A. Young to Lord Penrhyn mentions that Trench (estate manager) should be present at a meeting so that they can issue notices to quit.

62.07 Schedule of the deeds and documents in the possession of Messers carter Vincent & Co, Sols, bangor relating to “The penrhyn Estate” NOT including leases or counterpart leases.
Loosely inserted in a letter from Hugh Vincent advising Lord Penrhyn to make a new will. 28 April 1905
62.08 Bundle of items relating to the quarry/estate. 20 October 1803 Bundle includes
a) 21 March 1825 Letter from the quarrymen of caebraighy cafn about their demands and proposed standing out.
b) Dec 1815 Observations on cottage encroachment Llanllechid waste lands
c) Agreement for twenty one years from 12 May 1803 between the Lord Penrhyn and james Greenfoeld for a farm at Coed y Parc to be called Brynderwen.
d) Elegy to the memory of Mrs Barrington wife of Capm Barrington of the 70th Reg of Foot who was droen’d on her passage to Halifax in Nova Scotia
e) Articles of sale and agreement for the timber at Penrhyn 1774
f) N.D. Letter from Frese (?) Cooke, Abergavenney regarding iron rails and the construction of a railway.
g) 28 June 1823 Letter to G.H. dawkins Pennant from Jos. Hume regarding experiments on mine samples and their results (looking for minerals).
h) 23 March 1772 Letter from Mr. Wright about the quarry & estate rents, and the unusually large amount of timber requested for repairs from tenants. Also mentions his role as undersheriff at the quarter sessions in Chester.
i) 5 March 1825 Account of Mr Rogers for submitting timber for the quarry.
j) Observations concerning the timber growing on the Penrhyn Estate in the county of Caernarvon belonging to the Hon. Hugh Warburton and John pennant Esq. c. 1770
k) 23 March 1825 Voucher for work done by Henry Williams on the quarry.
l) 21 April 1821 Letter to George Hay Dawkins Pennant concerning the estate in Clarendon, Jamaica.
m) 27 December 1803 Letter from Benjamin Wyatt discussing the slate trade and potatoes. Discusses the American market and the fact that any price reductions made on slate should be kept secret from the Caernarvonshire quarries.
n) C.1900 Draft of a letter from George Sholto Douglas Pennant to Carmen Sylva, Queen of Romania, thanking her for her gift.
62.09 Bundle of misc items relating to the quarry/strike, industrial relations and the Moel Faban/Pantdreiniog quarries.
Bundle includes
a) Extract from Y Negesydd 15 January 1897 sent to Lord Penrhyn by Robert Isaac Jones, Tremadoc accompanied by a translation.
b) 4 Sept 1897 Letter of support for Lord Penrhyn’s stance during the strike from Mr Ransome of Ransome & Marshall engineers & exporters, accompanied by Lord penrhyn’s reply.
c) 18 Feb 1897 Letter from C Ritchie (?) on House of Commons headed papers, seeking to arrange a meeting between Lord Penrhyn and his workmen.
d) 20 January 1903 Letter from Hugh Vincent relating to the W.J. Parry trial.
e) Letter from W.J. Parry and printed pamphlet relating to the strike of 1874
f) 26 March 1906 Letter from E.A. Young to Lord Penrhyn in relation to an article in Yr Herald Gymraeg about the reduction in men’s wages.
g) Account written in Lord Penrhyn’s hand of a visit paid by Lord Penrhyn and his son to welcome workers back into the quarry (Punt y Gynffon incident?).
h) Envelope containing correspondence from E.A Young regarding the withdrawal of a 5% bonus on the wages of quarrymen April 1905 and two copies of printed pamphlets issued by the National Free Labour Association regarding trade relations at the Foel Faban Quarry (managed by W.J. Parry). 1905
i) Envelope of items relating to requests from quarrymen to be allowed back to work at the Penrhyn Quarries. 1905
j) Envelope of correspondence giving thanks to Lord Penrhyn for a 10% bonus to be paid to all the quarry workers due to the harsh winter. January 1907.


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