Dodgy politicians?

Just a very quick post about an interesting documents I’ve just found. It is a petition to be presented to the House of Commons against the building of a railway bridge over the Menai Straits, signed by the quarry owners, merchants and mariners of Porthmadog. The objection is that the iron bridge has made the straits dangerous for ships and that another bridge would make it worse.

It is clearly the original petition, signed by countless different hands. But what bothers me is, why is it here? Surely if the petition was presented to parliment it should be in the parlimentary archives?

It clearly didn’t succed, the Breitannia Bridge still stands strong, and I can’t help but wonder, was it ever actually presented to parliment? Or was it presented to either Edward or George Douglas-Pennant in their roles as MP’s and then never passed on? Was the subtext that a railway linking London to Holyhead passing through Bangor might improve transportation links for traders/quarry proprietor etc in the Bangor region thus putting thos in Porthmadog at a disadvantage; hence concealing the petition could benefit the Pennant? Or am I just being suspiciously minded and mean here?

One to think about…..


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