Another one bites the dust!

Managed to get through a whole box today, and a rather daunting one at that! I thought this one would take me weeks, but it turned out all the bundles were grouped together with a unifying theme (unlike a lot of boxes I’ve been dealing with in the past). This meant I could fly through, and I’n now one box closer to my target of 20 boxes catalogued by Christmas. Tomorrow I’ll be starting on my 19th box which means that I’m on track to complete the catalog and required academic work – woop!

Anyway, here’s what was in the box. Forgive the spelling; it’ll all be polished up when the catalog is compiled but speed is main priority at the mo.

68.01 Loose collection of printed materials relating to the University College North Wales. Includes Charter, list of Governors, large amount of printed minutes, lists of subscribers to College Farm, printed letters and addresses given by Reichel, large number of printed details of experiments conducted by the Department of Agriculture.
Printed Material, UCNW

68.02 Small bundle of correspondence relating to Penrhyn castle management including two envelopes of letters relating to wine and letters giving character for Mr Barnad, who applied for the post of Head Gamekeeper in 1903 1889-1903 Correspondeence/estate/staff

68.03 Two envelopes giving character for applicants for posts working with horses. One envelope is in relation to the application of Charles Colll and the other a Julian Chandler.

68.04 Envelope of certificates, vouchers and correspondence relating to horses at Penrhyn Castle 1897-1905 Correspondence, vouchers, certificates/penrhyn Castle/ horses
68.05 Envelope of correspondence relating to the character of Mr Addie, applicant for the post of agent (at Penrhyn in 1898 and vaynol in 1904)
Correspondence, staff/character

68.06 Large nbundle of correspondence relating to the financial affairs of Lady Caroline Hogg, widowed wife of Sir James Hogg, 1st Baron Magheramorne and sister to George Sholto Douglas-Pennant, 2nd Lord Penrhyn
1900-1905 Lady Hogg seems to have lost £16,000 due to a poor investment on the stock exchange and the bundle of documents contains requests for help from various sources, strategies for keeping her out of bankruptcy etc.
Correspondence, family/personal

68.07 Small bundle of begging letters.
Incfludes letter seeking employment for a ratchatcher, letter from R. Evans, Tyddyn Marsely, Llanberis for help with Vaynol klease, begging letters of R. Jones Treorchy, W Thomas Caernarfon and Mr C Wise.
Correspondence, begging

68.08 Small bundle of correspondence relating to County matters 1861-78 Correspondence organised by category, with envelopes marked:
1868 Proposed Royal Visit to Carnarvon (sic)
Afgan War & Radical memorial from Four Crosses, 1875 Telegraph Station – Abersoch 1861 Holyhead Road Trust. Correspondence/county matters
68.09 Small bundle of documents relating to bridges in the North Wales region.
Documents organised by bridge, and contains items relating to:
Conway Bridge 1878 (contains copy of parliamentary bill and letter from Fred Stanley regarding monies owed to the exchequer in relation to said bridge).
Talybont Bridge 1880
Menai Bridge – Contains one documents giving breakdown of bridge costs and sums advanced for both Menai and Conway Bridges n.d.
Petition against Menai Bridge – 1846-7 Contains petition against the construction of a railway bridge over the Menai Straits signed by quarry proprietors, merchants and mariners from Porthmadog and memorials relating to the removal of dangerous rocks at the swellies to improve navigation.
Correspondence/county matters

68.10 Folder of documents relating to the Ogwen Tile Works, Bethesda. 1886-1892 Includes printed catalog and price list, reports and patent case. Reports/tile works.
68.11 Large bundle of documents relating to the Misses Ogilby, Edith and Isabell. Includes correspondence relating to their health, welfare and temperance (or lack of) vouchers for their expenditure, vouchers for their care, and correspondence from them direct.

68.12 Large bundle of correspondence from and about Mr Foster (Game Keeper/Agent?),of Plas Padoc, Bettws y Coed abouyt the shooting/game/poaching etc on the Bettws estate. Also contains letters referring to staffing issues, tenants etc.
68.13 Large bundle of applications. Inculdes applications for various roles including estate and quarry positions, inspector of taxes, chief constable, appointments to the Board of Agriculture etc.

68.14 Bundle of miscellaneous items, mainly newspapers; includes a large number of documents relating to Eisteddfods.
a) ‘The Queen’s Visit to Penrhyn Castle’ extracted from the North Wales Chronicle 22 October 1859. Printed on satin.
b) B) Envelope containing copy of The North Wales Chronicle 15 October 1859 containing an article on the Queen’s visit to Penrhyn Castle
c) Correspondence relating to the cost of making light railways (county matter) 22 September 1898
d) Letters and voucher relating to purchase of Pearl necklace (with given to Blanche written on it). 23 June 1899
e) Account with Mr Harries in relation to Rev. Fitzroy of Liverpool 1882
f) 3 x reports on experiments conducted by the Department of Agriculture at the University College of North Wales. 1892
g) Printed address given by John, Marques of Bute, at the Rhyl Eisteddfod 7 September 1892. Printed bilingually with English on one page and Welsh on the opposite.
h) Envelope of correspondence relating to Bangor Eisteddfod 1902
i) Copy of the North Wales Observer & Express 20 July 1894. Article relating to the Royal visit to the Eisteddfod with conmment by Lord Penrhyn handwritten on it.
j) Section of the North Wales Guardian 8 September 1888 includes article on the Wrexham Eisteddfod and Gladstone’s visit. Sections have been cut out.
k) Section of the North Wales Express 12 December 1879includes article on the National Eisteddfod.
l) Printed programme for the Carnarvon Eisteddfod (interior printed on silk/satin)
m) Copy of the ‘North Wales Chronicle’ 4 October 1890; includes list of shareholders in Bangor Observer and piece about Eisteddfod.
n) Poster for the ‘International Gorsedd Bardic Anniversary’ (Eisteddfod of Gwilym Cowlyd 14 August 1899
o) Incomplete letter relating to Eisteddfod November 1888
Envelope of correspondence relating to the Gwilym Cowlyd Eisteddfod. Includes invite for Lord Penrhyn to join the Court of Elders and poster. 1901 Printed material/newspapers/mainly eisteddfod &royal visits

Here is a quick scan of a catalog of the ‘Ogwen Tile company that was in todays selection. It was a beautiful catalog in pristine condition and really vivid, although sadly too big to fit properly on my scanner. It saddened me to see the name F. Barber, Manager at the bottom though because a few weeks ago I was captivaed by the hundreds of begging letters Barber had sent Penrhyn years later, that told the harrowing story of his demise after the tileworks closed. Makes you realise that life can throw some harsh curveballs.


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