An end to begging

Having had to take a couple of days off last week due to seasonal sickness, I’m back in the office today and have just finished box 49, basically a box full of begging letters. However, the final bundle was a load of documents relating to the paintings at Penrhyn including receipts for purchase/maintenance, notes on provenance (done by Alice Douglas Pennant perhaps?), valuations, auction catalogues etc. Didn’t have time to go through them in too much detail but could prove very interesting for interpretation at the Castle. Interesting to see that the Rembrandt was valued at £700 in 1865; think it may be worth a tad more by now!
The letters I found most difficult to put aside were from Richard Hughes, who Lord Penrhyn refered to as being a ‘lunatic schoolmaster’.  The poor man wrote rambling letters repeatedly; asking for employment and declaring his affection for Lord Penrhyn. But his letters cross the line from being sycophantic to being more than a little obsessive, and slightly scary, “I have no one but Lord Penrhyn – and I have not the slightest hesitation in saying that I need no other.” .  Probably the closest thing Lord Penrhyn came to a stalker.

One other irem of note for me was this one, relating to the establishemnt of the North Wales Training College. Now I can’t remember which building this would be, given it was dated 1882 (St Marys’, Penrhyn Arms, Normal or Hen Goleg) but still nice to hold something that relates to the beginnings of the institution in which I’m sat at this very point in time.

Anyway, here’s what was in the rest of the box.  I look forward to starting a new, and hopefully less emotionally draining box.

49.28   Envelope relating to the case of R J Jones, Portmadog; includes responsed from Arthur Balfour, prime Minister and an image of R J Jones.






49.29   Envelope containing letters of thanks to Lord Penrhyn.  Also contains printed programmes of the  ‘Patriotic :Concerts in aid of the Widows and Families of the Soldiers and Reservists now fighting for the Crown in South Africa, presiden E.A. Young Tanybryn.




Written on the envelope is:

Queens memorial

-for Jubilee Nurses

Alfred Hughes Memorial

Armenian orphans

1900 Quarry contribution to County War Fund

1903 County Memorial £10.10.0

Baden Powell reception £10


Correspondence/letters of thanks


49.30   Large bundle of correspondence relating to subscriptions and donations 1905-6   Correspondence/subscriptions/donations thanks/begging.
49.31   Envelope containing begging letter & letter of thanks from Thamas Williams, London.




  Correspondence/letters of thanks


49.32   Correspondence from Archibald Garel Hogg relating to the proposed church in Gerlan, including Bill for his designs. 1897-1902   Corresapondence/church/gerland plans & thanks
19.33   Evelope of Begging letters sent to Lord Penrhyn (all helped).




Written on the envelope is:


Cases helped

Jane Buckley – Rallt

G. J. Hughes – Harlech – died Feb 1906

Elizabeth Ellis  – LyC(?) Foa’s Cook – £5ann.

Mrs Jones – Old Colwyn

Manning – £1

Mrs Clifford –

W Williams’ widow St James’ Gazette

W Allen – (Clayton)


Corresapondence/begging/cases helped


49.34   Evelope of correspondence relating to the begging requests of General & Mr Bracken.




  Corresapondence/begging/cases helped


49.35   Evelope of correspondence relating to the begging requests of Mr Thomas Paull.




  Corresapondence/begging/cases helped


49.36   Letter of thanks from Mr S.J. Crosby for gift received in lieu of loss of salary due to Quarry strike.


4 January 1898


  Corresapondence/ /thanks


49.37   Envelope containing  various letters of thanks received by Lord Penrhyn.




Written on the envelope is:


Bangor tTraining College Site

Dio Church Committee (crossed out)

Welsh Chaplain Poplas (crossed out)

Nevin Church

Llandrygan School (crossed out)

1902 Gelli Church heating £25

1903 Church Schools – Archdeacon Williams £1000 promised


Corresapondence/ /thanks


49.38   Envelope of begging/thank you letters received by Lord and Lady Penrhyn. 1904-1905   Corresapondence/begging /thanks


49.39   Envelope containing large amount of correspondence from Richard Hughes, Bala.  Written on the envelope is Begging Richard Hughes lunactic schoolmaster


c. 1886


  Corresapondence/beggiung /thanks


49.40   Envelope of items relating to paintings at Penrhyn Castle.  Includes printed catalogues, correspondence, vouchers (for purchase and maintenance, lists of paintings and values for insurance purposes, notes on providence, research etc (Alice Douglas Pennant?).


c. 1857-1902


  Correspondence/Vouchers/Printed – paintings at Penrhyn



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