Did you guess?

So did you guess who’d written the letter in the previous post?  It was from ‘Albert Edward’, or to give him his other title, The Prince of Wales, later to become King Edward VII, and for a direct communication from the Prince Lord Penrhyn was emphatically, sycophantically greatful!

Going on holiday on Friday, so I’m racing through documents with little time to write. Here’s what I’ve been working on this week:

46.8 Marshals Gentleman’s Pocket Book for 1864 – small pocket diary with entries written in the hand of Edward Gordon Douglas pennant, 1st Lord Penrhyn 1864 Misc/diaries
46.9 Letter of thanks to Lord Penrhyn for a 25% rent abatement for the tenants of Gorswen Estate, Conwy.  1893 Correspondence/letters of thanks/estate/renta abatement 
46.10 Accounts listing names and moneis given (and another page detailing money promised, money to the bank etc) possibly in relation to subscriptions collected by lady Penrhyn towards the floor of bangor Cathedral? N.D. Accounts/subscriptions/Bangor Cathedral?
46.11 Bundle of account books for various retailers in Salcombe.  One book notes that Penrhyn is residing in Stonehanger.  Accounts/account books/provisions 
46.12 Bundle of account books with Mr & Mrs Mitchell (relating to Cairnton) 1905 Accounts/account books/provisions 
46.13 Large bundle of The National Churchwith a copy of crime and its Treatment ‘The Report of the Howard Association’  1901-1906  Printed materials/periodicals/ The National Church 
46.14 ‘Garden Party List’ address book listing invitees and acceptance/refusal as well as a few detail about the event.  1905  Misc/Address Book 
46.15 2 Editions of The National Church  August/September 1906  Printed materials/The National Church 
46.16 Printed ‘In memory of * * * by * * *’ printed at the Office of the North Wales Chronicle.  Contains poem eulogising a son lost at battle.  1855  Printed materials/Poem/In memory of 
46.17 Bundle of printed materials relating to Church Schools, the Education Act of 1902, Unionist Party etc.  1902-1906  Printed materials/poitical pamphlets/education 
46.18 Cashbook of General Accounts.  1885-1895  Includes payments to individuals, for rail travel, washing etc.  Accounts/cashbooks/General Accounts. 
46.19 Address Book full of addresses in and around North Wales area. Lady Penrhyn’s?  N.D.  Misc/Address books 
46.20 Notebook containing details relating to the Royal Visit of 1894.  Lists guests, when they will be arriving/leaving, allocated bedrooms & carriages etc.  1894  Misc/Royal visit 
40.21 Envelope of documents relating to ‘Garden Party’ to be held, possibly on the 15th September 1905.  Includes lists of names, correspondence and list of guests at the 1888 Garden Party and seating plan for luncheon to celebrate the Prince of Wales’ visit to Bangor University. Correspondence/garden Party 
46.22 ‘An Ode of Welsome to the Princes of Wales from the Women of Wales with accompanying letter by Alice Gray Jones (Ceridwen peris) July 10 1894 Correspondence/Printed materials/Royal visit
46.23 Penrhyn memorial List of Subscribers  N.D. Misc/Susbricption list? 
46.24 Bundle of documents relating to Christmas parties at Penrhyn (for staff)  1898 & 1903  Misc/Christmas parties 
46.25 Order of Service for the Unveiling of the memorial window to the late Edward-Gordon, Baron Penrhyn at St Mary’s Church, Bangor.  23 September 1894  Printed materials/order of servicePenrhyn Memorial 
46.26 Letter from The Sotheby Memorial Club regarding the composer E.C. Jones along with an extract from The Lady c. 1921  Correspondence/Charities/subscriptions 
46.27 The Second Report on the Bangor Cathedral Restoration  1870  Printed Materials/bangor Cathedral 
46.28 Box file of correspondence relating to the Royal Visit of 1894.  1894  Correspondence/Royal Visit 
46.29 Folder of correspondence relating to the Royal Visit of 1894.  Also contains an edition of The Morning Post from 1852 detailing Queen Victoria’s visit to Bangor, programme for the Prince of Wales’ visit in 1862, letters relating to the visit of the Duke and Duchess of York 1895, and correspondence from the Royal family to Lord Penrhyn, including one letter written in the hand of Albert Edward (King Edward  1852-1899  Correspondence/Printed material/Royal Visit 
46.30 Bundle of printed sheet music by E. Chambers Jones               with cover letter from the Sotheby Memorial Club  c. 1920  Printed material/Sheet music 
46.31 Printed extract from The Times, 12 August 1892 featuring the letter of Stanley Boulter on the Miners Eight Hours Bill  c. 1892  Printed material/Newspaper extract 
46.32 List of subscribers for the present from the inhabitants of North wales to HRS The Prince of Wales  1863  Misc/subscriptions/Royal visi 
46.33 List of subscribers for the silver candelabrum presented to The Hon Gwynedd Douglas Pennant on the occasion of her marriage  1899 Misc/subscriptions/wedding gift 
46.34 Printed ‘Considerations Respectfully Submitted to the East-India Directors’ on the matter of artificial slate.  1789 Printed materials/East India Company 
46.35 Bundle of vouchers relating to donations to the University College of North Wales  1885-1889  Vouchers/chaitable/ucnw 
46.36 Bundle of vouchers relating to provisions purchased for Dinas.  1903  Vouchers/provisions/dinas 
46.37 Bundle of vouchers relating to provisions purchased from salcombe.  1906 Vouchers/provisions/Salcombe 
46.38 Vouchers from Singer & Company relating to a motorbike bought on 22/12/1904 and delivered to The Provident Dispensary, Bangor.  1904 Vouchers/Singer 
46.39 Bundle of vouchers relating to provisions purchased from Filey.  1904 Vouchers/provisions/Filey 
46.40 Bundle of vouchers relating to furniture, art etc. 1902-1905 Vouchers/furniture
46.41 Vouchers from W. C. Windover, Turil & Sons, Carriage Makers  1905  Vouchers/Carriages 
46.42 Bundle of vouchers relating to Hilda Douglas-Pennant  1903 Vouchers/Hilda Douglas Pennant
46.43 Two letters to Lady Penrhyn relating to the Royal Visit.  1894  Correspondence/Royal visit. 
46.44 Letter relating to a trilobite purchased by Lord Penrhyn.  1890 Correspondence/Collections/Trilobite 
46.45 Document detailing cleaning arrangements (for Penrhyn Castle?) N.D. Misc/Cleaning arrangements
46.46 Letter from Durlacher bros relating to arrangements for cabinet maker for repairs to furniture and list of work carried out Fenruary –July 1901 Correspondence/Household/Furniture repairs
46.47 List of ladies subscribing to the Fund for the repair of Bangor Cathedral  N.D. Misc/charitable/subscriptions/Bangor Cathedral/repairs cleaning to h 
46.48 Numbered list (of quarry workers/pension/tenants?) with coments on financial situation. N.D. Misc/List of tenants or workers and financial situation
46.49 Letter to Lady Penrhyn from the Agence de Locations Brunel (in French)  23 October 1903  Corrrespondence/estate agents/france 
46.50 List of hired silver (royal visit/garden party perhaps?)  N.D. Misc/Lists/Hired silver 
46.51 Two letters relating to the subscriptions for repairs to Banger Cathedral organised by Lady Penrhyn  12 january 1872  Correspondence/Subscriptions/Charitabel/Bangor Cathedral 
46.52 Letter from Henry Douglas-Pennant from eaton relating to quote from Ovid. N.D. Correspondence/personal/children
46.53 Letter from Lord Penrhyn from R. M. Edwards of Yspytty Vicerage thanking him for the new road at Yspytty.  15 October 1887  Correspondence/estate/yspytty new road 
46.54 Hand written account of the history of St. tegai (taken from Eminent Welshmen) N.D. Misc/description/history/st tegai
46.55 Note written by L.D.P ((Louisa Douglas Pennant?) relating to the artist Christall and his painting of the children accompanied by an empty envelope.  N.D. Misc/note about artist. 

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