My project in pictures

Some of you may have seen the sad news that we were unsuccessful in our attempt to secure extra funding for the project. This is devastating news for me, but all I can do now is make the best of what I’ve got, which has meant a drastically different approach to cataloging.

Previously, I read through every single document, noting anything that may be of academic interest, would be useful for the National Trust at Penrhyn Castle or had a nice story to post on the blog and then  compiling detailed descriptions that would form the entries of a really high quality catalog. But now, I’m afraid all that’s out of the window.

The new approach is basically, get a rough idea of what each bundle of documents might contain along with approximate dates, and that’s it. It’s heartbreaking for me, as I keep having to pass over documents that loook like they could be really interesting, but I’m afraid its the only way I can get things done.

So today while I get on with my work, I thought I’d give you a glimpse of what this project looks like.

Here are some boxes:

And this is what they look like inside:

Some are messy, and some are neat:

And some are pretty intruiging!


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