One morning – One box

I’ve broken a record today and managed to get through a whole box in one single morning!

Maybe next week I’ll find the time to share with you how I got through the box so quickly, but I’m afraid its a rather sad story. In the meantime, here is what the box contained (sorry about the typos, I’m in a bit of a rush!):

59.01 Box file of correspondence sent to George Sholto Douglas Pennant, mainly relating to Election of 1880.
Box file includes letters of support, letters from the opposition (including Lord Newborough and his campaigning for Sir Charles Watkin Williams and a letter from Love Jones Parry stating he will not oppose Pennant) letters of consolation following defeat and letters about constituency matters/the conservative party.
Box file also includes
a) 3 June 1880 Request for help in purchasing a new instrument from a member of the Llanrug Brass band after his was destroyed by stone throwers while playing for Lord Penrhyn in Ebenezer (Deiniolen).
b) Nov 1877 Bundle of letters relating to Lord Newborough
Correspondence/Political/Elections 1880

59.02 Box file of documents relating to Sir Llewelyn Turner of Parkia, Caernarfon including letters, speeches and press clippings, mainly concerned with issues relating to the Welsh language and home rule for Wales.
c. 1862-1903
Correspondence/speeches/political/ Welsh language/home rule for Wales.

59.03 Book entitled The Battle of Waterloo with Circumstantial Details, Previous and after the Battle from a variety of Sources and other Documents IN POOR CONDITION – COVER DETATCHED

Printed materials/books

59.04 Bound book of ‘Clippings’ mainly consisting of press clippings and some correspondence organised into categories. c. 1896-1899 Clippings are organised into the following categories:
1. Jamaica
2. Rembrandt Exhibition 1898-99
3. Birkenhead Choir 1901 Arms of Wales 1901
4. Fishing
5. Late Lord Anglesey Modern Society Oct 29/98 “Tod” Sloan
6. Old Age Pensions
7. Gothenburg
8. Church Defence
9. Waifs and Strays 1896
10. Tithe Printed materials/press clippings
59.05 Bound book of ‘Clippings’ mainly consisting of press clippings organised into categories.
c. 1895-1898
Clippings are organised into the following categories:

1. Charity inquiry at Bangor – 1898
2. Strike Raining (envelope empty)
3. Electricity in Slate Quarries
4. Census in Bangor Cathedral and College Site
5. Miscellaneous
6. Lord Penrhyn
7. Joseph Lloyd
8. Hunting Printed materials/press clippings

59.06 Bound book of ‘Clippings’ mainly consisting of press clippings organised into categories.
c. 1853-1889
Clippings are organised into the following categories:

1. American Slate Trade New Welsh Slate Co 1889
2. South Wales Strike 1898
3. Welsh Land
4. Wales
5. Chapels used for political purposes
6. Welsh character
7. Quarrymans May Day March 23 1899 (Category name crossed out and folder empty)
8. Penrhyn Quarry in 1853 etc Printed materials/press clippings

59.07 Book containing miscellaneous personal correspondence. Includes letters from Cornelia Wimborne, J Capellini, Earl of Denbigh, and other various letters including a letter of thanks for hospitality towards the sons of the King of Siam on their visit to North Wales, and a letter requesting a child from the local workhouse to be sent to a farm. 1895-1902 Correspondence/personal
59.08 Bundle of correspondence and printed materials from George Brooks including drafts of his publications, requests for finance and information regarding his work with ‘Freedom and Property against Socialist Attack’.
Correspondence/personal/George Brook/freedom and property against socialist attack


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