Bye bye box 57

Box 57, you’ve been an interesting an informative joy to work with; but I’m pretty glad that I can say goodbye to you just in time for the weekend!  Next week, a new challenge – Box 42.

But a quick review of Box 57 first:

Today’s surprise discovery was for the first bundle of receipts that seem to relate to the building of Penrhyn Castle.  So many figure have been banded about as to what the Castle actually cost, all of them based on anecdotal rather than solid evidence.  It would be so nice if we could, as a result of the project, form some kind of reliable estimate as to what it cost to build an extravagant 310 room home in circa 1832!

The most interesting thing about those receipts though was that I found one from David Evans the renowned stained glass artist from Shrewsbury.  The windows in the chapel at Penrhyn have long been attributed to him, due to their style, but now we have hard evidence that he did in fact make them, and they cost a whopping £135.10.0!

Here’s a list of everything else in box 57 that I haven’t mentioned so far.

57.20 Envelope containing correspondence between Lord Penrhyn and Barclays Bank regarding his overdraft.  October/November 1902  At the times of writing, Lord Penrhyn’s overdrafts stood at £19.444..17/- and £20.515..11.10 and he writes “ thanks for the consideration shown by your firm in not troubling me concerning my overdraft which I know must be very heavy (?), but I hope the coming year will see the quarry trouble at an end and all things put straight.” 
57.21 Letter to Lord Penrhyn from his son (Edward Sholto?) regarding race horses. 2 January 1907 Letter details the pedigrees of the horses ‘La Petite Dame’ and ‘Veles’.
57.22 List of horses at the Penrhyn Castle Stud 1891-1893
57.23 Draft of a letter from Lord Penrhyn to E.C. Clayton regarding the role and authority of the starter (racing) and the use of starting machines. 4 June 1899
57.24 Section of a printed ‘Tattersalls’ Horse Sale Catalog listing Grafton Hunt horses for sale by Lord Penrhyn. c. May 1891 The names of the horses each have figures (prices achieved?) written next to them.
57.25 Assorted lists of pedigrees of various horses.  c.1906
57.26 Letter from ED Clayton regarding race horses.  28 September 1890 
57.27 Letter from E. Penrhyn regarding the trust fund of St Anns.  4 November 1857 
57.28 Envelope of correspondence relating to the sale of a horse to Baird and the testimonials of Mr Gale, sports writer. September 1906
57.29 Vouchers from various horse studs. 1903-1906
57.30 Small bundle of correspondence from E. Clayton regarding race conditions/betting/horses etc.  c.1890 
57.31 Letter from E.C.C. containing list of wine belonging to Lord Penrhyn at Stratford House, Newmarket.  1 January 1903 
57.32 Letter from E.C.C. regarding the health of one of Lord Penrhyn’s colts held at Exton.  26 January 1903  Letter mentions Lord Penrhyn’s ill health and the forthcoming libel case. 
57.33 Correspondence between Fred Milner of Hamsell Manor, Eridge Sussex and Lord Penrhyn, where Milner pledges support for Lord Penrhyn in the upcoming libel action and discusses the recent visit of the Bethesda choir to his constituency.  Jan 1903  Letters contain some interesting insights of Lord Penrhyn’s emotions in relation to the strike, and contain some interesting comments about his “chief flanderer” (W.J.Parry?) and the Bethesda Choir ”I am very glad to say that the Bethesda gents had a very sparse audience in my constituency, & I doubt if they covered their expenses.”.  Mentions the idea that Lord Penrhyn’s should issue some form of printed statement to be sent to the local papers wherever the choir will be performing so that his side of the story can be made known.  Lord Penrhyn asserts that “The people who are going about in choirs from Bethesda under the auspices of the Committee of the relief fund at that place are spreading no end of lies about me & about the origin of the strikes, they are in fact obtaining money from the British public under false pretences and I often wish some one would pull them up for it as it would have a most salutary effect.”
57.34 Slate carriage accounts. May/June 1804
57.35 Letter regarding the benefits of wire fencing with attached pricing. 3 February 1829 Letter also mentions different plants to be trialled from seed from the West Insies (sugar apple, melon and cabbage tree) and mentions the developments at Penrhyn.
57.36 Letter to G.H. Dawkins Pennant from Mr Leycester regarding the Church at St Annes and its organ. 3 September 1817 Letter discussed the makers of the organ and the will of the late Mrs Pennant.
57.37 Correspondence from E Clayton with accompanying press clippings about the attack on the horse ‘Noble Cheiftan’ and its rider/trainer/manager at Doncaster races. September 1890 One letter is particularly emotive, and another discusses the account with the press clippings agency.
57.38 Envelope containing small key with the inscription ‘Trilobyte key case in drawing room’.  N.D.
57.39 Mrs Neweligate’s recipe for collar eel (pickled eel).  N.D. c. 1800?
57.40 Key of dressing room cupboard next to L.V.’s sitting room. 12 November 1907
57.41 Tattersalls account 1901
57.42 Two articles from The Sporting World about the horse ‘King’s Messenger’.  1898 & 1901 
57.43 Article from ‘The Man of the World’ regarding Lord Penrhyn’s libel action against Licensed Victuallers’ Mirror. 29 April 1891
57.44 Two letters from Katie (Kathleen) & Alice Douglas-Pennant to their mother.  c.1868-9 
57.45 Vouchers from Tattersall’s  1902 & 1905 
57.46 Vouchers fore the purchase pf two gallops 1904
57.47 Translation of two articles/letters published in Baner ac Amserau Cymru 1stJanuary 1890 with cover letter from the North Wales Property Defence Association.  January 1890 
57.48 Small parcel containing drawings of the coats of arms that could belonging to the Pennant family.  N.D.
57.49 Pamphled cyfrifon ‘Budd-glwb Chwarel y Penrhyn’.  1889 
57.50 Keys for the Penrhyn Despatch boxes  N.D 
57.51 Letter suggesting the use of copper rods at the quarry to improve safety. 29 November 1828
57.52 Voucher from the Hungerford Market Company 10 April 1832
57.53 Letter of thanks for donation of £10 to the Bentinck benevolent and Rous memorial funds. 12 May 1891
57.54 Bills for legal? Services provided by H. A.Hoare.  One of the accounts is re. Soham House  Jan-December 1904 
57.55 Prices and particulars of slate at Port Penrhyn.  1835 
57.56 Large bundle of documents (mainly press cuttings) relating to the Land Commission in Wales accompanied by list of evidence. c.1894
57.57 Misc bundle of vouchers, mainly (possibly) relating to the building of Penrhyn Castle.  Bundle includes vouchers for timber, iron & nails, Thomas Hopper (architect), David Evans (stained glass in Penrhyn Castle chapel), plate glass, insurance, parish rates for Marylebone, water rent, taxes and charitable donations to ‘Society for the Suppression of Mendacity and supscription of £10 toward the poor of Mary le Bone.  1831-1832 
57.58 Bundle of printed material, mainly from the Liberty and Property Defence League.  1892-1900  Bundle mainly consists of printer notes on parliamentary sessions with objects to be raised by the Libery & Property Defence League.  Also contains agenda for a meeting of the League held 25 March 1895 and also contains one item of printed material from the National Free Labour Association. 

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