A Healthy Competition

Post-graduate research is expensive, and funding in the arts and humanities hard to come by.  To prove that you are worthy of funding should the opportunity arise, you have to try and spread the word on your work, which is why over the last few months I’ve been attending quite a few conferences and last week entered a Pecha Kucha competition in Cardiff.

I’d never heard of Pecha Kucha before, but I think its becoming an increasingly common form of presentation at conferences (as the slides move on automatically its a great way to stop academics getting too long winded!).  Standard Pecha Kucha presentations consist of 20 slides lasting 20 seconds each but the competition I took part in, organised by KESS who along with the National Trust are funding prosiect penrhyn at the moment, consisted of just 6 slides lasting 30 seconds each.  It’s really challenging to try and condense your research into such a narrow timeframe, and I must say, terrifying as it was, I quite enjoyed the experience.

One of the most interesting things about the evening was hearing about the wide variety of projects KESS are funding, each really innovative and important; from research into the cancer gene to type 2 diabeties, or research into zero carbon buildings and harnessing tidal power, all the projects had amazing practial and often life/planet saving applications.  I particularly loved the sound of the winning research project, which look at how tea, yes good old cups of tea, could be used to kill hospital caught infections.

As to myself, i didn’t do too badly, although I did feel a little scared to put my hand up in front of a room full of ground breaking research scientists and say, hey, you might be a saving lives but look at this letter I’ve found!

So, that brings me to the documents I’ve been working on today.  I’m glad to say I’ve finished a box and have started on Box 57, which is a bit of a random one, but having started with letters about horse race fixing and libel, looks like it may be interesting:

56.03 Box file of documents relating to the Stockbridge Fishery and the Houghton Fishing Club. 1887-1907
56.04 Box file of family correspondence. 1878-1906
57.01 Letter from ‘E.C’ regarding horse racing & Lord Penrhyn;’s libel action accompanied by a newspaper cutting on the matter. 30 April 1891 Letter refers to discussions within the Jockey Club, and opinion on the current state of horse racing while newspaper article details the libel action.
57.02 Correspondence between Lord Penrhyn and Kenyon (4th Baron Kenyon?) regarding both Unionist and Conservative parties in the elections of 1906. March 1906 Letters discuss the resolutions of the Unionist Party as well as how to appoint candidates for the election.  Lord Penrhyn suggests that with the lowering of the franchise, candidates should be found from amongst the working class “Although I heartily detest the prospect of parliament being filled with men who are the paid servants of their trades unions & taskmasters”
57.03 Caricature by Frank Lockwood QC on Royal Courts of Justice paper.  Drawing bears the inscription “OMartins trying Carmine” N.D.
57.04 Account book of ‘The Conservative and Unionist Association for the eastern Division of Surrey’ N.D. Book is empty apart from some form of puzzle/annagram/code and family tree of the male heirs of the Douglas-Pennant line.
57.05 Copy of the Act for the completion of the Chester and Holyhead Railway. 30 June 1845

2 responses to “A Healthy Competition

  1. Sorry, didn’t explain it very well. A Pecha Kucha night could be a good medium for you to display your photographs? It was more challenging, and more fun than I’d expected.

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