Je ne comprends pas!

Been reading through a box file of letters the family have written to each other today.  Really nice, and very rare, to see how the family communicated with each other.  I’m intrigued by this letter though, written by G D Pennant (George Sholto Douglas Pennant or maybe his son George?) to his father in french (why?).

I’m guessing it was written by a schoolboy practicing his language skills, but I’d really like to know what it says and my French isn’t up to it.

Anyone out there who could help?




5 responses to “Je ne comprends pas!

  1. My French is a bit rusty and the writing spidery, but here is my best attempt…

    Victoria Hotel

    Mon cher Papa

    Cet apresmidi Carry et Emma aussi que Miss Crosby sont alles un peu sur des anes et ils ont vu un matelot qui avait ramasser des si jolies pierres je ne suis pas sorti car Parry a dit que je ne devrais pas fatiguer ma jaimbe. Samedi Arch a ecrit a Oncle Charles Pussa Alice Tracy et Carry a tante Cur. Il fait beaucoup plus beau et plus chaud ces deux derniers jeurs. Il y a des hommes qui pechent dans un petit bateau justement derrier les Lains(?).

    Nous vous embrassons tous bien affectueusement. Puss est un peu enrhumee mais n’a pas tusse autant que hier

    Je suis
    Mon cher Papa
    Votre tres affectionm***
    G D Pennant

    Victoria Hotel

    My dear Papa

    This afternoon Carry and Emma as well as Miss Crosby went for a little donkey ride and they saw a sailor who had picked up some very nice rocks. I did not go out as Parry said I mustn’t tire my leg. Saturday Arch wrote to Uncle Charles Pussa Alice Tracy and Carry to Aunt Cur. It is a lot nicer and warmer these past two days. There are some men who fish in a little boat just behind the Lains(?)

    We all send you a very affectionate hug. Puss has a bit of a cold but hasn’t coughed as much as yesterday.

    I am
    My dear Papa
    Your very affectionate ***
    G D Pennant

    • Wow, that is amazing! Thank you so much.

      That means that we can date the letter to the late 19th C. I read a previous letter where it was mentioned that one of George Sholtos sons had broken his arm, so I guess this is him.

      Thank you so much Grham. The letter may seem mundane, but I love these rare little snippets. Its too easy to think of the Pennants in terms of business or grandiose wealth, and actually forget that the were just people living their lives like the rest of us. I’m intrigued by Puss?! Cat or person? You are a legend, thank you.

  2. So they were people after all! 😉

    I think Puss must have been a person. The (lack of) punctuation doesn’t help, but looking at the sentence about writing letters again, I’m not entirely sure but I think it should be:

    On Saturday Arch wrote to Uncle Charles, Puss to Alice, Tracy and Carry to Aunt Cur(?)

  3. Hmmm, yes, punctuation can often be a bit of a hiundrance when trying to decipher these documents. I often see letters littered with full stops and other that don’t seem to have any awareness of punctuation at all!

    Still find the name Puss intriguing! Thank you so much for this. 🙂

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