Prosiect Penrhyn in the spotlight!

Today I’ve been working through some (for me) quite tedious documents about angling clubs and fishing rights in London, but some interesting news came through from the Bangor University Press Office about 10 minutes ago. They’ve let the press know about the William Morris discovery and there has already been loads of interest. It’s gone out through twitter and been retweeted by Homes and Gardens Magazine (over 25k followers) and BBC History Magazine (23k followers)!

It can be quite lonely and isolated beavering away at the boxes up here, so it’s really strange to think that news of the project is now reaching so many people. The power of social media (and some very special documents) eh! Maybe its time for a Prosiect Penrhyn twitter account!

I’ve only just realised that I didn’t actually share with you the full story of the Morris discovery (shame on me!!!), so to hear all about it, click here.


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