Back to boxes!

After a tough academic slog its a joy to finally be back with the boxes, and to make life easy I’m starting with some nice simple box files.

This is what I catalogued today:

56.01 Box file of correspondence concerning estate management, slate sales and shipping.
Correspondence relating to estate matters, shipping and slate sales, as well as one letter concerned with a dispute with a Mr Hales. Includes letters from Mr B. Chipney, Mr John Wyatt, Mr Arthur Wyatt, Austen & Co and Mr James Wyatt.

56.02 Box file of miscellaneous printed material and correspondence.
Box contains:
a) 1820, 1822 & 1832 Printed Almanacs
b) 1865 Printed book Verse dedicated without permission to the foreign office by A. Whig
c) 1901 Copy of The Liverpool Mercury containing story headlined ‘the Penrhyn Strike men Still Determined’
d) 1904 Printed election pamphlets of W.W. Lloyd, Liberal candidate for the Ogwen Ward seat on the County Council election. Written in Welsh with translations of some words written on the document in English.
e) March 1906 Correspondence from the North Wales Property Defence assotiation.
f) March 1906 Printed Chief Constables’ report and Estimated Summary of Bills for the Caernarvonshire Constabulary.
g) C. 1906 Correspondence and printed materials relating to the General Committee of the Public Address to Lord Milner.
h) 1906 Correspondence from the Caernarvonshire Constitutional Association
i) 10 April c. 1906 Letter regarding elections, with handwritten note pledging £200 to help with the Eifionydd contest.
j) March 1906 Arfon Election Expenses.
k) March 1906 Correspondence and Printed materials relating to the question of clerical incomes.
l) C. 1906 Printed appeal for funds on behalf of the Grahamstown Training College for Women Teachers/Mother Cecile.
m) 9 April 1906 printed letter re emigration of artisans.
n) 14 April 1906 Letter from Penybryn, Caernarfon regarding horses.
o) Printed document regarding the Board of Trade and foreign competition.
p) 24 March 1906 Letter from the Welsh Coast Pioneer soliciting Lord penrhyn’s opinion on educational Reform.
q) 1906 Correspondence regarding the North wales Chronicle.
r) 1905 Letters from Mr Gibson regarding public opintion on Lord Penrhyn following the great strike.

Did you guess what the last document I posted was? It’s a draft of a book, commissioned by Lord Penrhyn and written by J. E. Vincent (who wrote The Land Question in North Wales) in 1903 to tell the story of the Penrhyn strike from Lord Penrhyn’s perspective. It was abandoned following advice from E.A. Young after only 186 but could prove to be very interesting…..


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