A little update

Been working down in the archives/on academic stuff this past couple of weeks. Here’s a quick update of what I’ve been looking at:

00.16 Box file of correspondence from E.A. Young 1902-1903 Correspondence Quarry Strike
00.17 Box file of congratulatory correspondence received by Lord and Lady Pennant following the libel action against W.J. Parry and the end of the strke. 1897-1903 Includes handwritten letters, poems and copies of letters printed in newspapers. Letters come from all walks of life, from workers, servants and trade unionists to tradespeople, bankers and aristocracy. Correspondence quarry legal libel wj parry
00.18 Box file of correspondence from E.A.Young. 1886-1905 Letters detail slate sales, the trade in general, quarry pay and includes prices lists and accounts. Also includes letters from Mr Dunlop, Mr Assheton Smith, W.W. Vivian, J.J. (?) Evans and J.S. Hughes (engineer). Correspondence quarry

00.19 Box file of correspondence relating to Chartered steamers shares. 1895-1899 Correspondence shares transport

00.20 Box file of correspondence from E.A. Young 1904-1906 Includes reports on the quarry, slate trade, applications for work and begging letters with responses from Young/Lord & Lady Penrhyn attached.

00.21 Box file of correspondence from E.A. Young 1901 Correspondence refers to strike, police in Bethesda, rioting and intimidation, quarrymen returning to work, Correspondence, Quarry, Riot.

00.22 Box file of letters and telegrams of condolence received by George Sholto Douglas Pennant on the death of his father. April 1886 Correspondence, personal,

00.23 Box file of correspondence from Mr Livesey, Sir William Lewis, Mr & Mrs Asheton Smith, Hon F.G. Wynn, Hon W.W. Vivian. Also contains printed pamphlet ‘Trade Unions Their claims and their methods’ , Press clipping of letter fromMr Livesey ‘The Times 30 December 1901. Letters discuss the estate, the quarries and their management, trade unionism etc. 1876-1904 Correspondence, Estate/Quarry.

00.24 Box file of correspondence, newspaper articles and reports relating to the business of magistrates in the region. 1858-1886 Correspondence legal, county duty

00.25 Box file of correspondence from Mr Kneeshaw, Mr Naylor, Col Platt, Mr Platt Star, Harry etc 1864-1903 Correspondence relates to the Police Committee, the politics of Mr Naylor,  the Caernarfon militia, speech on the Trade Unions and the Jockey Club. Correspondence, misc?

00.26 Box file of correspondence from Col Ruck. 1899- 1904 Letters regarding police matters and disturbances in Bethesda.  Includes telegram from Whitehall regarding disturbances, statement made by Ruck to the Standing Joint Committee, and a letter from a Quarryman requesting a vacan tenement in St Annes following the ill treatment and attacks on his property he experienced since returning to work in the quarry in 1901.


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