Fighting fish wives

As I have no boxes to work on in my office at the moment, I’m down in the archive cataloguing all the boxless items. These are mainly box files in which everything is related and the documents are even ordered in date order. This makes them incredibly easy to catalog as I don’t have to read everything, but invariably they are full of interesting stuff that I really want to read!

One boxfile was purely correspondence from a Mr Trench, who was estate manager towards the close of the nineteenth century. So many interesting letters here giving glimpses of life in the region at the period, a lot of them relating to the Llyn.

My favourite letter was one about the women in Hirael, Bangor. Apparently there had been countless arrests for fighting and abuse between the women of the are and sounds as if there was a bit of an ASBO situation there. Eighteen women had written to the agent to complain about a Mrs Williams who they claimed was the instigator of the troubles. What did the agent propose they do? Throw Mrs Williams out of her home along with the other 18 to try and ‘raise the tone’ of the area!

Here are brief descriptions of the items I went through on Friday:

00.2 Box file of correspondence, reports and newspaper articles relating to Bryn Hafod Y Wern Quarry 1885-1893. Detail the Purchase of Bryn Hafod y Wern by Lord Penrhyn and the court case that ensued in relation to this. Correspondence, estate, quarry, purchase.
00.3 Box file of correspondence from James Wyatt. Details development of the estate & quarries, purchase of land (including Penmachno estate from Lord Mostyn), slate prices and the market, the use of horses at the quarry, mentions visit of the King of Saxony to the quarry (but not the castle)1844 and Includes Plan for remodeling the Penrhyn estate Farms 1843, Details about the possible purchase of the Bodegroes estate 1857. 1843-1858 Correspondence Estate/quarry
00.4 Songbook belonging to Julianna M Pennant. Includes collection of sacred music transcribed (music and verse) by Julianna M Pennant. 30 March 1822.
00.5 Boxfile of Warehorne accounts. 1818-1906 Accounts estate warehorne
00.6 Bound book of correspondence received by H. Barber (solicitor) from Lord Boston, Lord Penrhyn Hon G.S. Pennant etc. Vol 1 1862-73. Note in the hand of George Sholto Douglas Pennant can be found inside the cover leaf listing letters of interest and in the back leaf is a printed copy of ‘The Penrhyn Lock Out’ the 1st appeal by the relief Committee in 1901 with ‘Libel’ written in the hand of E.A. Young(?) and envelope containing draft agreement of quarry wages 1885. 1862-1901 Correspondence estate quarry legal. Book of correspondence bound and donated to Lord Penrhyn following the death of H. Barber in 1894.
00.7 Bound book of correspondence received by H. Barber (Solicitor) from Lord Penrhyn, Hon G.S.D. Pennant and Lady Penrhyn Vol 2. 1874-86. Return to
00.8 Box file of correspondence from R.C. Trench regarding the management of the estate. Includes report on improvements that could be made 1898 (which suggests that the estate is not paying its own way), documents relating to the Castle Hotel, University College and numerous documents providing a snapshot of life in Bangor, Lleyn and the wider estate.  1898-1899


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