Out of boxes!

I’ve now finished all four boxes that I was given at the start of the project – woop! I wont start thinking about the other 40+ boxes left or I’ll get depressed.

Some more handy hints from Elen, the deputy archivist help me fly through Box 54. Unfortunately she also showed me the rest of the collection, and it looks like its going to be tough. Most of the boxes are full to the brim of completely random documents that are going to take years to read, not a happy thought for someone with only 10 months of funding left.

Here are the descriptions of the latest documents catalogued:

54.04 Bundle of correspondence relating subscriptions collected by Lady Penrhyn for reflooring Bangor Cathedral
Jan/Feb 1872

54.05 Bundle of printed materials relating to Labour Protection Association, Liberty and Property Defence League and Employers Parlimentary Council along with pamphlet ‘Free Labour Frauds A Study in Dishonesty’ and two translations of articles published in Welsh Language newspapers with cover letters from the North Wales Property Defence Association.
1900-1902 Translated articles are
19 November 1901 ‘The Penrhyn Matter’ from ‘Yr Herald Gymraeg’
3 December 1901 ‘The Penrhyn Strike, Its advantages and Disadvantages’.

54.06 Bundle of accounts relating to faggots, firewood and charcoal

54.07 Envelope containing printed material from the National Free Labour Association 15 January 1899
54.08 Supplement of the Northampton Herald containing article on ‘The Church in Wales.’
9 March 1895

54.09 Bundle of printed documents relating to the Free Labour Protection Association.

54.10 Small bundle of printed items including The Times 1 March 1895 and “Why not have a religious Census for Wales/” pamphlet.
54.11 Envelope containing report by Employers Parlimentary Committe n.d
54.12 Letter from Miss Owen, Birnbeck House, Weston Super Mare regarding property defence.
12 January 1907

While I wait for more boxes to arrive, I’ll start preparing my first conference papers – a scary prospect. I’ll be speaking on ‘Lost in Translation – The Role of Language in Creating Dissonance during the Penrhyn Quarry Disputes 1885-1903’ at this conference, just in case anyone is interested.  Please note that attendance needs to be booked in advance.

That’s it for now folks!


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