A new box, a new beginning.

I’ve been ignoring this blog a little of late; putting it aside in a rush to get through a difficult box. The result of this, I realised today, is that when I do come to publish what I’ve been working on, it has reached gargantuan length, and even I struggle to read through it.

So, today, as I begin a new box, I begin a new way of working. I’m going to try to discipline myself to post something small everyday. Hopefully this’ll help me review my research regularly and avoid getting bogged down in detail, and ultimately make the blog more readable/interesting too.

Box 54 already looks like a good one, and I was thrilled, earlier to be holding in my hands a letter from Gladstone. Unfortunately, it’ll take me a while to decipher the handwriting before I can comment on the content. It was in a box file of correspondence that also included lots of letters from local dignitaries that concerned the governing of North West Wales.

It did present me with a dilemma though.  Because this is a box file, I can just catalogue it as such and not read through all the letters saving me a huge amount of time.  But the letters in this box file look really interesting and I really want to read them. For now though, time is of the essence and I’ve put them to one side in the hope that I can come back to them at a later date. One letter I couldn’t help but read (and scan) was this one, which brought a tear to my eye:

This seems to be a box of personal correspondence, which interests me greatly, and is looking likely to form a significant part of my dissertation so I’m really looking forward to getting to grips with it, and moving away from the heavy business/legal correspondence of the previous box.

So far we have:

54.01 Box file of correspondence and accounts relating to Parkia Brickworks, near Caernarfon.

54.02 Box file of correspondence relating to the election of 1874.
1874 Contains mostly letters of support for George Sholto Douglas Pennant.

54.03 Box file of various personal correspondence relating to estate matters, county duties, ‘Y Dywysogaeth’ paper, army commissions and militia and leisure pursuits. Includes letters from Sir R. Bulkley, Hon. W. O. Stanley, Lord Newborough and Mr Gladstone etc.


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