Bye Bye Wyatt

Just worked through an enormous bundle which was almost entirely made up of items relating to the dismissal of both Arthur and Paraoh(?) Wyatt.

It seems as though quarry managers across the region were trying to gather evidence against Wyatt, hoping to land the lucrative post of agent/manager of the Penrhyn Quarry no doubt.  Both John Williams of the Talysarn quarries and C.W. Cooke of Bryn Hafod y Wern seemed to be passing evidence of overcounts etc to George Sholto Douglas Pennant.  London accountant A. Young seemed to land final blow in his letter outlining the evidence against Wyatt and how to go about dismissing him, is it wonder then that his son got the job?

On a different note, I always get asked if I know whether those who wrote to Lord Penrhyn asking for help ever recieved it, and the sad answer is no, as on the whole I only have the letters that came in to Lord Penrhyn rather than those sent out. It was nice therefore to find aletter asking Lord Penryn for help in sending a young girl from Penrhyndeudraeth who had an outstanding singing voice to Music College in Swanse. The letter was quite touching, written by her father in relatively poor English and you could almost see his though process in trying to translate his own thoughts from Welsh into English.  The letter was accompanied by a second letter to George Sholto, thanking him for support.  I hope the quarryman who had been unable to work for a month also found a similar response.

52.11 Bundle of correspondence/accounts relating to the quarry and Port Penrhyn, maily focusing on the dismissal of A Wyatt and appointment of E.A. Young. 1865-1888
Bundle includes:

a) 8 December 1865 3 pages from a translation of a letter sent to ‘Yr Herald Gymraeg’ in support of Col Douglas-Pennant and outlining living conditions in Bethesda and the vicinity at the time. Other pages can be found in Bundles 52.03n and 52.08e
b) 12 January 1884 – Letter from Maria Louisa Fitzroy to George Sholto Douglas Pennant regarding estate issues. Also mentions that ‘Charlie’ (George’s son) has broken his arm and the Lord Penrhyn’s health is deteriorating.
c) March 1884 – Bank Account for March with Messers Ransom Bouverier
d) March 1884 Particulars of Slates Sold in March.
e) 17 October 1884 Letter of receipt for cheque from J Simpson Esq, Stony Stratford.
f) 7 May 1885 Letter from John Simpson of Stony Stafford confirming slate quantities ordered.
g) 1 August 1885 Letter of thanks from Prescott Hewett
h) 3 October 1885 letter of application for the position of Inspector of the Quarries from a Mr Jeffrey and a cover letter regarding the application by Col sackville-West.
i) 1 December 1885 Letter from John Thomas queerying the source of free timber for Mr Wyatts house.
j) 1885 Various letters from P.A. Lloyd regarding the Pennant-Lloyd agreement and the amendments made to it by others. Claims that clauses put in favouring the quarrymen such as giving them a higher maximum weekly wage were imposed by Lord Penrhyn, Mr Mathews and Mr Wyatt while he was away. Claims only ever to have acted in the interests of Penrhyn.
k) 3 Dec 1885 Letter from C.W. Cooke, manager of Bryn Hafod y Wern Quarry.
l) 23 December 1885 – Letter from H. Barber, solicitir regarding C.W. Cooke and Penlon yard.
m) 14 December 1885 leter from Lady Penrhyn to George Sholto Douglas Pennant describing an account of a visit made by Adela Douglas-Pennant and their ailing father to the Penrhyn Quarry, where Wyatt tried to secure money from Lord Penrhyn despite george by this time being appointed with the management of the quarry/estate.
n) 13 May 1885 Copy of a letter from george Sholto Douglas pennant to A Wyatt regarding his father stepping back from the management of the quarry.
o) 27 Dec (?) 1885 Copy of a letter from John Williams of the Talysarn Quarries to C.W. Cooke of Bryn Hafod y Wern Quarry regarding the Penrhyn Quarry loosing their accounts in the South of England and London due to a “cleverly devised blow aimed at us here in Nantlle” which has backfired. “I told Arthur Wyatt at the time of the great error he was committing and his reply was that he was determined to shut up the dirty little quarries in Nantlle.”
p) 30 Dec 1885 – Statement of John Francis Williams regarding overcounts of slates, discount selling and A. Wyatt. Followed by notes by George Sholto Douglas Pennant.
q) 3 July 1886 Letter of thanks from John Jones, Bangor for the dismissal of Pharaoh Wyatt. “I can assure you Sir, that there is general rejoicing among both shipowners and merchants, for a more hard hearted, and despotic person, never trod the earth, and to rid the neighbourhood of such a man is a blessing for which I feel extremely grateful.” Also complains about John Thomas and favouritism shown to him.
r) 11 Feb 1886 Letter of application from Rober Roberts (manager of Oakley Upper Quarry) for the post held by John Evans.
s) 25 Jan 1886 Letter from A Young regarding proof of wrongdoings by A Wyatt and giving advice on his dismissal.
t) 3 February 1886 Notice stating that the agency of A. Wyatt has ceased and the E.A. Young is to replace him pro. Tem.
u) 17 jan 1886 Note in the hand of George Sholto Douglas Pennant requesting expenditure accounts.
v) Letter from H. Barber (solicitor) regarding measures to be taken to limit E.A. Youngs access to penrhyn finances while his trustworthyness is ascertained. Also discusses taking out a Guarantee from the Guarantee Society.
w) 2 Feb 1886 Letter from E.A. Young written on Castle Hotel headed paper setting out agenda for meeting with George Sholto Douglas pennant.
x) 6 Feb 1886 – Letter from A Young about the suitability and trustworthyness of his son, E.A. young. Suggests taking out a guarantee from the Guarantee Society.
y) 18 Jan 1886 letter from A young to arrange meeting with George Sholto Douglas pennant.
Letter from Hugh McIntyre to John Williams confirming that he did buy slates below list price from Port Penrhyn in 1883
z) feb 1886 Envelope containing two anonymous letters encouraging George Sholto Douglas Pennant to dismiss A Wyatt.
A1) 28 Dec 1887 Cover letter from Mr Douglas of the North Wales Chronicle to Lord Penrhyn regarding his correspondence with Mr E.A. Young. Correspondence can be found in 52.09h
B1) 1887-1888 – Letter of reference/support for Hugh J. Hughes, Hirdir Bethesda in favour of his application for work at the quarry.
C1) Feb/March 1888 – Envelope containing correspondence between Lord Penrhyn, Quarry benefit Club Comitte and Col Sackville-West regarding the application made by matron for a pay rise so that she could employ an extra servant to help in the hospital. George Sholto Douglas Pennant funded the difference between her current wage and the requested wage.
D1) Envelope containing two letters about Catherine Jones (Llinos Deudraeth). Once requesting support in sending her to study music at the Musical College of Wales, Swansea, and one giving thanks for support.
E1) n.d. Bundle of various notes/envelopes.


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