Dodgy lawyers and an agent suffering from stress.

Please to say I’ve managed to finish bundle 52.02

Apart from those I’ve mentioned, there were three others that caught my eye.

The first was this one:

A letter from Lloyd Carter (the solicitor) about how to gain information from and about the quarry committee.  I find it particularly uncomfortable that he has accumulated a list of all the men along with their religious/political leanings.  What kind of ‘circumspect’ (in his words) means of gaining information is he planning? Doesn’t really help clear the reputation of legal men.

The second was a letter from E.A. Young that suggests that he may have been suffering from stress (as quoted in the document descriptions below).  I wonder how his head coped with the stress of the Great Strike years later?

Thirdly is another letter from E.A. Young suggesting that they take a stand at the Glasgow Exhibition.  I love his idea of building a swiss chalet and cladding it with slate and carved decorative slate pieces.  I love reading about the splendour of these Victorian Great Exhibitions; they must have been such exiting things to attend.   A quick Google found these images of the Glasgow exhibition, and it seems as wonderous as I imagine.  I wonder if the chalet was ever built?

Here are the document descriptions:


Brown folder containing large bundle of correspondence relating to the management of the quarry, and Port Penrhyn.  Also contains documents relating the memory failure of Edward Gordon Douglas-Pennant and the religious unrest and riots in Bethesda in 1885. 1879-1908

a)      1879 Accounts for clearing the left side of the quarry and accompanying letter.

b)      1884 Letter of complaint from ship owners at Port Penrhyn regarding the allocation of freight and the steam ship from Liverpool being given priority over the local sail ships.

c)      1885 Documents relating to the failing memory of Edward Gordon Douglas-Pennant and his giving authority to his son (george) to manage his affairs.

d)     20 Feb 1885 Newspaper cutting from  ‘Liverpool Mercury’ about disturbances in Bethesda.  Headline “THECHURCH IN WALES – A PACKED MEETING AT BETHESDA AND ITS RESULT”

e)      1885 envelop containing various correspondence relating the disturbances at the Bethesda. Various letters by Col West, Arthur Wyatt etc discuss Church Defence League, Statement, the use of police and W.J.Parry.

f)       1885 Letter regarding tonnage and value of slate.

g)      November 1885 – Envelope containing various correspondence between Lord penrhyn and A. Norris Wyatt.

h)      1885 Letter from E.A Young regarding complaint made by Dunlop regarding slate quantities and copy of letter from mr Vivian regarding the same matter.  Letter also refers to the dismissal of Morris Davies and the case surrounding it.  Also refers to the fact that red slates are in hight demand/command high price.

i)         15 March 1885 Letter from Col Sackville-West regarding the feeling towards Lord Penrhyn in the Quarry and his discussions with Clayton.

j)         1885 Notes in the hand of George Sholto Douglas Pennant.

k)      8 February 1886 – Port Penrhyn Notice in the hand of George Sholto Douglas Pennant.

l)          Feb 1886 – Letter from Port Penrhyn ship owners regarding favouritism shown to John Thomas.

m)    1886 two letters regarding the orders of Roberts Adlard & Co.

n)      186 – Corresponence regarding the Dunlop complaint.  The letters of E.A. Young also contains information about the management of the quarry, prices of slate, Morris Davies case etc. One letter also discusses Young’s health “I should then have time to see my London Doctor. The latter is absolutely necessary as my head is suffering from great strain upon it.”

o)      Application for the post of Harbour Master at Port Penrhyn by Richard Thomas.

p)      Letter from Lloyd Carter about obtaining information about the “Quarry Committee”.

q)      1887 Letter from Dr Williams, Bryn Meurig, Bethesda (Quarry Hospital Doctor) about the appointment of a new matron.

r)       1887 Letter to Lord Penrhyn from E.A Young from Glasgow.  Young is soliciting orders there as well as taking a holiday and suggests having a stand at the Great Exhibition in Glasgow in 1888.  The stand is estimated to cost 200-300 pounds and Young  suggests they build a swiss chalet clad in Penrhyn slate.

s) 1888 Annual report of National provincial Bank of England Limited as accompanying letter soliciting additional custom.

t) 20 March 1902  Press Cutting from the Manchester Guardian about speech given by Lord Penrhyn and son at the Bethesda Quarry. PENRHYN QUARRY TROUBLE – A STRAIGHT SPEECH BY LORD PENRHYN.

u) Letter from A Norris Wyatt regarding slate prices.

v) 1904 Application to purchase land.

w) Misc notes in the hand of George Sholto Douglas Pennant..


2 responses to “Dodgy lawyers and an agent suffering from stress.

  1. It is, although I have to question the implication of the word riot, having seen in a previous document that the word non-violent had been crossed out when used before the word protest in a statement, presumably an attempt by one of Lord Penrhyn’s solicitors to make the situation sound more threatening than it was and justify the use of militia/additional police. On the other hand, I am well aware that there was a lot of trouble in Bethesda at the time.

    Todays bundle seem to be more of the same so we’ll see what they uncover. I wish I also had the personal correspondence of some of the quarrymen to compare accounts.

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