Record Breaker!

I’m please to say that I’ve just completed cataloguing the second box, and set myself a new document record – 19 in one day, and I have another hour or so to go!

The reason I was so quick today was that there were lots of catalogs to be cataloged!  I was particularly taken by a catalog of properties for sale in the French and Italian Rivieras circa 1920.   Took my mind far away from this grey February day I can tell you.  I was also pretty amused to see, in a catalogue from a sale/show of Welsh Black cattle that Lord Penrhyn had a bull called ‘Crusty of Penrhyn’.  Dont know why it tickled me so much, it just didn’t seem like the most noble of names, particularly in comparison with some of the competition: ‘Tynycoed Warrior’ or ‘Bodrida Tiger’ etc.

The box ended on a sadder note though, with a bundle of newspaper cuttings and correspondence relating to the Battle of Alma, at the Crimean War.  I don’t know why this bundle is in the penrhyn collection, and I can not work out the connection.  There were at least two letter from the front though (both by different authors, a Thomas Wood being one of them), and lots of copies of letters. There were also drawings of the pattern of attack/advancement as well as lots of newspaper accounts.  I wonder what the connection is, and who Thomas Wood was writing to when he addressed the letter to Lady Hay?

Anyway, here’s a list of everything else that was in the box:

41.27 Letter requiring further information about painting of 1stBaron Penrhyn by Romney.
41.28 Particular items in the Abstract Account of 1856
41.29 Letter from Buttery (painting restorer) regarding the Rembrandt.
41.30 Hand written account of Lord penrhyn’s speech on dissent.
41.31 Notes by the Late Lord Penrhyn on Local Taxation.
41.32 Letter from J.V. Howard (on behalf of the Crown) to Lord Penrhyn regarding the purchase of ‘Bronydd’ which was leased to the Bryn Hafod (Bangor Slate) Company at the time.
41.33 Voucher from the Hyde Park Gallery
41.34 Letter to Lord Penrhyn from J. Stephens with an enquiry regarding Heraldry.
41.35 Receipt for payment of income tax from a Mr Owen of Penmachno.
41.36 Edition of ‘The Racing calendar’
41.37 Edition of ‘The Racing Calendar’
41.38 Catalogue for ‘Wireless Apparatus’.
41.39 Catalogue for the North Wales Sales of Pedigree Welsh Black Cattle at John Pritchard Auctioneers, Bangor.
41.40 Annual report of ‘The Royal Alexandra Children’s Hospital and Convalescent Home’, Rhyl
41.41 Catalogue of ‘Chateaux & Villas on the French and Italian Rivieras’ for sale/rent by agent Knight Frank & Rutley
41.42 Edition of ‘The Empire Citizen’
41.43 Catalogue of ‘Pocket Aneroid Barometers & Recording Barometers’ by Negretti & Zambra
41.44 Catalogue of Peterborough Foxhound Show
41.45 Bundle of correspondence from and newspaper cuttings relating to The Battle of Alma, Crimean War.

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