First box finished!

Finally finished Box 40 – yeah!

Here’s what was in the last two bundles:

40.29 Bundle of estate accounts/correspondence 20 February 1813 – 1826
Bundle includes:

a) 20 Feb 1813 Letter from Lady Penrhyn promising James Greenfield “three pence in the pound upon the amount of the slate markers Bill in addition to his wages of twenty one pounds, seventeen shillings and sixpence”
b) 19 May 1815 Letter from the Bishop of Bangor telling Lady Penrhyn where to pay the money to establish the curacy of St Annes.
c) 11 Jan 1816Inventory & Valuation of dead stock at Penrhyn
d) 22 September 1817 Contract of appointment of John Jeremiah Jones as organist of St Annes, with name crossed out and a note (dated 5 October 1818) by Mr Henry Valentine accepting the post.
e) July 1817 Bill of legal costs
f) 9 August 1819 Letter to G.H. Dawkins Pennant offering tax advice.
g) 1820 Copy of agrement with david Williams re enclosure and rent for land in Llanfairfechan.
h) 1820 Correspondence regarding purchase of Tyddyn y pwll.
i) 1820 Statement of the Produce And Expenditure of the Penrhyn Farm for the year 1819.
j) 1820 Valuation of the hirael property – includes map of hirael area showing ownership.
k) 3 Feb 1820 Letter requesting presence on matter relating to Archbishop of Cantebury.
l) Correspondence regarding accpting/issuing County Bank notes (caernarvon Bank)
m) N.d. Correspondence regarding breakwater at Penmaenmawr
n) N.d. Measurement and Vaulation of W Kyffyn’s fields.
o) N.D. Recipes for ‘boot tops’ and ‘blacking’.
p) Letter from J Greenfield to Mr Wyatt rquesting confirmation of his position ‘to get his Lordship to be more explicit about the terms of my continuing as I wish to settle myself in his Lordships service in a manner that I may be comfortable and contented or otherwise leave it in good terms and to be of as little inqury (or inquiry?) to the rancour as possible”. Requests that he is given a farm.

40.30 Bundle of misecellaneous including estate correspondence, vouchers and Quarry/Strike statement. 1780-1900
Bundle includes:

a) C.1780 Two charicatures of unidentified women.
b) 1789 rental of crown rents in Uchaf.
c) Letter regarding curacy of Llandygai
d) 10 August 1795 Letter from Lord Mostyn regarding election.
e) 1802/1803 Bundle of vouchers (including voucher for salary to schoolmaster).
f) 1803 Tithes of Llandygai
g) 1805 Copy of agreement between Lord Penrhyn and Samuel Worthington re: quarry railway.
h) 1816 Letter from G.H.D. Pennant regarding quarries.
i) 1820-1832 Vouchers.
j) 1835 Letter from a Mr Grey requesting employment following the wreckage of his ships. IN NEED OF REPAIR
k) November 1900 Statement of E.A. Young regarding unrest in Bethesda with notes in pencil and Memorandum by H. Vincent. Interesting to note that whenever Young has mentioned ‘Non-violent’ intimidation, the non-violent has been crossed out.
l) N.D. Drawing and description of the Coat of arms of Williams from Penrhyn.
m) N.D. Rents of Assize
n) N.D. Mr Bell’s opinion on the ownership of slate wagons.
o) Bundle of various unread documents – IN NEED OF REPAIR.


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