A very quick catch up.

I’m nearly at the end of my first box, and as its Friday, I’m keeping this short to see if I can get the box finished for the weekend.

Here in brief is what I found yesterday.

1. Vouchers and Accounts relating to Penrhyn Farm (John & Catherine Lasbrey) (40.27)
2. Original painted image of an unidentifiable bird.
3. Bundle includes:
1. Vouchers 1832-39
2. Bundle vouchers 1840
3. Bundle vouchers 1841
4. Voucher 1845
5. Letter from Jane Williams, formerly of Coed Mawr, Conwy about being cast out of her home by her son, for whoms benefit she sold the property ‘Weeg’ to Lord Penrhyn for. 1855
6. Press cutting about strike. Nov 1900
7. Letter to Lord Penrhyn asking him to use his influence with Lord Londonderry to pursuade him against the abolition of writing slates sent by various writing slate manufacturers. Attached are press cuttings and reports on the issue. 1905.
8. Two letters to Mr Pennant regarding the school at Llandygai and the care of an orphan girl. N.D.
9. Letter of reference regarding a servant to ‘Lady Jenny’ (Julianna Isabella Douglas-Pennant_ from C.C.Cavendish of Burlington House and letter to Edward Gordon Douglas-Pennant from Julianna about said reference. N.D.
10. Misc vouchers N.D.
11. Cardboard ‘Bills Unpaid’ Binder.

I’m now working on a bundle in which I’ve found two really exciting documents so far. But I’ll keep you in suspense about those over the weekend!

On a seperate note, I thought I’d use this opportunity to create my own little bit of archive history. bangor is at the moment undergoing massive changes, and from my room up in the heavens I have a fantasit view. So I thought that, every Friday, I would take a photo out of my window to catalogue the changes as they take place.

The two major building sites you can see from here are ‘Pontio’ which, looks like a big lake in the bottom left of the picture, and the building site further away is what was, until last week, the football ground. Last Friday I witnessed the grandstand being pulled down. Such a shame I didn’t have my camera then. Here’s what it looks like today anyway:


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