Game for it

Lots of meetings yesterday so I didn’t manage to get through many documents.

I did enjoy reading an edition of ‘The Gamekeeper’ from February 1899 which had an article on Mr W. Thompson as a cover story along with a photograph of the man himself. The article claims that the Penrhyn Castle Estate “is known far and wide as a game preserve”. It also states that Lord Penrhyn himself is “popular with lovers of both gun and hound, is a capable follower of both sports, and in addition a keen fisherman.”

There were also some shooting cards and a letter from a W. James Foster to Lord Penrhyn dated 13 January 1907 accompanied by a list of game given as a gift to tennants. I was taken by the line “The majority of the tennants all appear grateful for their presents of Game and most of them have asked us to convey to your Lordship their sincerest thanks.” Just 3 years after the end of the strike, did some of the tennants refuse this gift from Lord P?


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